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new breeder question

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hi everyone, i'm so glad i found this site!! I have 5 adorable cats..3 boys and two girls.. my boys are all non pedigree i've had them for almost 10 years.
my girls are litter mates and they are 2 years old both blue point himmies..
i've read sooo many books on breeding but i'm really having a hard time grasping how to tell what color the kittens will be...i am going to breed one of them with a beautiful flame point, does anyone know what i can exspect in regards to male and female kitten colors? any help you can give me would be great... does anyone else have blue points?
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I am totally not sure .. but red and blue mated would yeild any combo of what parents and grand parents may have been ...
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thanks.. i have a 4 generation on my female and also the male ..there seems to be
mostly blue, seal and torti and one flame point from each side.i wish i knew more about genetics... i've read so much ..it just isnt clicking with me....
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There is a member here - I believe it is Marianjela - who is real into the color genetics. Might wanna try to PM her and see if she can provide some insight.
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I've been playing with this little piece of free software for color prediction - it's kind of fun.
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I'm not sure if I understand you correctly , but if you mean you're going to mate a blue point female with a red point male? And what are "himmies"? Are they point coloured persians?

If this is what you're saying, in my opinion you can at least excpect seal and blue point boys, and blue + seal tortie girls. If the parents also carry chocolate, you can excpect chocolate and lilac boys as well, and lilac + chocolate tortie girls.

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thanks to all for your help with my kitten color question... it really helped, i swear i could read a million articles on genetics and not fully understand them, i have had cats all my life but i've never attempted breeding any of them until now.. i will be pleased with whatever color i get as long as they're all healthy.. thanks again
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