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Welcome to Savannah, y'all!

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Hi everyone. Bradley and I went to River Street on Saturday evening for the Seafood Festival and then a party, and we took some photos. Wanted to share my beautiful town with my TCS family. Anyone wanna come visit me here now?
This is the Olympic Torch that was constructed when we hosted the '96 Olympics (sailing and a couple of other sports). That's me next to it, playing tourist in my hometown.

This is the famous (or famous for Savannah, anyway) Waving Girl. What's she waving at? Legend has it she had a love who was in the military and would go down to the river with her dog and wave at all of the ships passing, in hopes that he was on one of them.

This is a view of the Savannah River. That big, fancy hotel just across the river? Would you believe that is in South Carolina??? Yup, we're that close to SC!

Hope you enjoyed your mini-tour of Savannah. Y'all come back now, ya hear?
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WHat's for dinner? I'm on the next plane outa Seattle for sure!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Savannah.

I have a long-lost friend who used to go there on Spring break to some sort of family. Can I send you a PM w/her info in case I can finally find her????
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Thanks for the tour, Amy! I love looking at pics like this, and Savannah looks like a great place to live. And I must say, you look just like a friend of mine in the first pic... how cool is that!
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Eddy, go ahead and PM me. Let Amy the PI get on the case!!!!
Jenn, that is too funny! No wonder we get along!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
WHat's for dinner? I'm on the next plane outa Seattle for sure!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Savannah.
Cool Eddie, nice question! what´s for dinner Amy!
Just Kidding! Amy! ...Seriosly you take a great pics and fantastic places! The Olympic torch is soo big and you look soo prettie beautiful
thanks for share!
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Always happy to share with you Rigel
Dinner was cheese rotini....Bradley was still out on the boat and I didn't feel like cooking any fancy pants meal
When ya gonna come visit GA, Rigel?
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I´m on the way Amy put on the fridge the Beers! ...
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Already got some cold MGDs in the fridge waitin' on ya Rigel!
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[quote=CoolCat]I´m on the way Amy put on the fridge the Beers! ...[quote=CoolCat]

Hey Rigel! Que Lastima! Where the heck is TCS 1???
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Great photos Amy!
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I loved Savannah. We stayed at the Mulberry Inn. Is that still there? It was a while ago.
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[quote=sashacat421][quote=CoolCat]I´m on the way Amy put on the fridge the Beers! ...
Originally Posted by CoolCat

Hey Rigel! Que Lastima! Where the heck is TCS 1???
Lol Eddie!
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Oooh! I wanna come to Savannah!!! Amy, those pics are great! I would love to see all of Savannah! I saw a show on The Travel Channel about all the hauntings there and the shots of the places and the city were gorgeous!! (I wanna see a ghost, too!!! lol!!)
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I've been before (when I was 14 and with an ex-boyfriend and his mom ) and thought that it was very pretty. When I went with the boyfriend we were going just to meet up with some of his family for lunch and were there for only a few hours! Shows you how close we really are! So, I'll leave now and be there in about 4 hours.
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Are ya here yet Kath? LOL. Yeah, as boring as I thought this town was growing up, I obviously must love it to move back here after college!
And yup Chris, the Mulberry is still here. It's quite a nice place to get to stay here!
My door is always open to fellow cat-lovers if anyone ever wants to visit Savannah. I'm about 15 minutes from where these photos were taken (River Street) and half an hour from Tybee Beach!
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Lovely pictures Amy!

Wasn't there a soap made a few years ago which was in Savanagh?, similar to Dynasty?
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My hubby, sister and I went to Savannah a couple of yrs ago when by sis was still living in Atlanta. Did the whole river street thing-saw some good street performers. Then went to Tybee island and bought some artwork at a small gallery there. Did the fort pulaski tour too!!

Funny story is my sister wanted to take a shortcut to the water-we were somewhere around a park by fort pulaski?? (cant remember) Anyhow she was wearing the cheap rubber flip flops and it was muddy and one flipflop got ripped by the suction of the mud. Then LOTS AND LOTS of little crabs were making there way to the water and she was in their path and had to run through them without anything on her feet!! She was screaming the whole way back!!! At least I had running shoes on!!

Good memory thanks for reminding me!!
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Glad you like the pics Susan Come visit! I'm not sure about any soaps being filmed here?
Sounds like you saw a lot here in Savannah, Gail. Ft. Pulaski is always a fun trip- and it is very very haunted!!! That's a bummer about your sister's flip-flop. Yeah, the suction in our mud is a . I went ot this marine science camp every year and we always did a marsh walk. Can't tell you how many shoes my mom had to replace!
Did anyone see the movie Forces of Nature with Ben Afflek and Sandra Bullock? It was filmed here in Savannah and BOTH of them now own homes here in town
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Very pretty pics Amy...thanks for sharing! I've heard such wonderful things about Savannah and would love to someday visit. I hear the people are very friendly and would love to stay in one of those beautiful bed and breakfasts...oh and see some ghosts too!
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What wonderful pictures, Amy! Thank you!
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Y'all come visit!!! I'll be sure to "spook" up some ghosts
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You are beautiful Amy!!! Love the pics!!
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Thanks Stevie Come visit- and bring Conner!!!
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