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Flake issues....bath questions....etc!

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OK! SO...I saw the other thread about matting and I have to post my own ordeal and questions. Ashley's skin has always been a little flakey and we have given her baths (such an ordeal, though) to try and control it (usually do it in the summer when it is warmer). BUT....she is starting to get more matting (I am guessing she doesn't reach to groom as well with her gained weight! ) and when I cut those suckers out, I notice a TON (and I mean A TON TON TON) of flakes underneath them. On top of that, Ash's fur is SOOO oily. I mean, you can FEEL it just touching her. It is horrible!

So....first question: what is going on with these flakes and oil??? I wasn't AS concerned about it before, but now I am. The oil is really bad.

And...can I use ANY shampoo stuff on her (like people shampoo?). We had been using a special kind (smelled like coconuts) from the vet, but to be honest, we just cannot afford the extra cost of that, but it is something we have to do, I guess we will have to do it. I just thought if i could use ours, it may be better for us (she is more important, though).

I am open to thoughts, suggestions, etc!

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People shampoo would be bad, it tends to strip the natural oils that are needed to keep the coat and skin moisturized and healthy.

I use a coat managing shampoo I buy through PetEdge, but it's 1 gallon and concentrated 5:1, probably a lot more than the average cat owners needs

You might see if you can find a colloidal oatmeal shampoo for cats.
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I use vets best catnip bath its a foam and easy to deal with... May I ask what food the baby is getting??
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My furbabies have medium length coats. I suspect that your cat has a longer coat but keeping mats under control so flakes can rise to the surface when you brush can help. If you brush will see a lot of flaking & oil at first but after a while it should get much better. I also wipe my furkids down with a few damp paper towels when I am done with their brushing. Good luck
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She has been on different things at different times. We went to Nutro when I found out it was better than like Science Diet. Then we went to prescription Science Diet at advice of the vet (joint issues...she was totally limping). But no matter WHAT she has been on, she has always had this problem (not really with the matting...but with the skin flakes.
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ask the vet about puting olive flaxseed or sunflower oil on the babys food... i agree with the daily brushing
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