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kitten turned violent/scared

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I am concerned.. my kitten is turning a little violent.. I don't know what happened to it, I was with him from the time I played with him to when he became scared.. I don't know what's wrong, I tried to take him in my arms twice first time he jumped out crazily and scratched me while trying to get out, and he jumped in the air like scared the second time I tried, then I just touched his back and he was scared again.. does anyone know what this is? I'm scared to touch it.. he is acting like a wounded animal, and my cat didn't touch him either when he did this.. is there a way I can comfort him reassuring?
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maybe he's not feeling well? My kitty Onyx got jumpy and touchy when he had a wound from a fight he'd gotten into that I was unaware of. he's normally a placid cat. Maybe you can have the Vet check him out?
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Well he is acting quite strangely, and I dont see how he could have gotten a wound, and this is especially when I touch his back (to pet him) He did fall off the coffee table, but it just looked like any other time he fell off furniture.. I put him in his room for now with water and food..
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It may not be a wound, but maybe he's just feeling under the weather? It wouldn't hurt to speak to a Vet about it. Good luck figuring out whats up with your baby
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I just came back from getting some soft food for him, I went into his room, but the food near, grabbed him and put him in my arms for a second.. then I put the food on my lap where I sat him, and pat his back and all the spots he was sensitive he seems alright now. Then I put him and his food down pet him some more then I left him alone.. it's still concerning me as to why he acted like that... thanks for answering by the way
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I think something scared the heck out of him and when animals are scared they either fight when they are cornered or run. It seem like he wanted to get away and hide when you tried to pick him up - and you in turn got scratched.

Usualy with time they come a around again - just give him patience and lots of love. No need to be afraid or concerned.
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I had the same problem with my kitty. My cat Pepper got stuck under the house for 2 days. He was absolutley Terrified When I found him. He bit a big hole right through my hand. When he calmed down and realized he was OK, He stopped scratching and biting. Your Kitty probably got really frightened of something.
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