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I have to ask..

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Does your cat have a unique or interesting meow?
Can you describe it?

Trouble -sings and talks, he has a musical voice.

Vash -Mews like a kitten (we call it pathetimew) and does the brrrrt thing a lot.
Spaz - loud hearty full meows, but when begging she sounds like someone is throttling her.

Shadow -He has got to have the most grating, annoyingly whiney meow, but his pet me meows always end with a question mark.

Ivory -only 6 weeks old and still has some sinus infection, she does a full mew, but you can only hear the last half of it.

Cassi -a beautiful, melodic chirping sound, almost reminds me of a cheetah calling to her cubs.
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Baker~ He doesn't meow. But he makes all sorts of interesting sounds He has a different one for every mood. My favorite is when we are busy doing something and he trys to get your attention... "Mmmrrrrrrrr-eek"

Cola~ Have you heard a Siamese? And when she is sleeping she whines "Hhmmm"

Tango~ She sounds like she has an accent "Me-ah"
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I was raised by a Siamese, man was she a talker, big, loud busy body voice, and such a distinct sound.

Cassi is a Seal point Siamese-X, she looks full Siamese except for one thing, she has a couple seal spots on her back.
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Hi Arlyn interesting question
Let see...

Some times Milky is cuteness!.... because he´s tranquil and melody Love their voice BUT during the month he changes of Mood ( I think soo ..) and sometimes he anoyme about his louders MEOWS because he´s a Indoor cat and rarely some stray cat IN in their territory and he begin to try to fight!
In others words for me is a Surprise Box Yet! .. and YUP! he still be my little king
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I was raised by a Siamese, man was she a talker, big, loud busy body voice, and such a distinct sound.
Exactly Cola!
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Annabelle doesn't meow, she coos. It's really weird. And if she sees a bird outside she makes this clicking sound. Lucy's meow is really high pitch and Daisy's is loud, normal, and often
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B.C. my old tuxedo that I miss terribly, actually used to sit on the couch and bark at the toms he'd see outside.

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Capella, aka Roo, makes that sound exactly - errroooOOH!

Lyra, his sister, makes an acking sound, like a various tones from soft to demanding, she will look at you, put out a paw or tip her tongue and then go "ACK!"

Ophelia does a sultry meow...she loves to pose - her head upside down as she goes to flop onto her side, as she says "urrrowh, urrrrowwwh, urrrrooooowwwwwh!"
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Cindy chirps mostly; Suzy has a fairly standard, imperative meow; Fawn is the unusual one, and I don't know how well I'm going to do at describing her distinctive sound. It's very short, very quiet, very breathy -- almost sounds like a tiny cough with just a whisper of "ow" in it. Occasionally, she turns up the volume sufficiently to get a real, but tiny, meow out. This is only when the human is seriously deficient in understanding.
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Scooter has a loud, screechy meow, but he usually sounds like he is trying to talk. He usually only meows after he has stolen the earplug from my ear and wants his breakfast or he is not getting attention.
Pepper sounds so mournful, I almost hate to hear her meow. She seems like a sad kitty. I wish I knew why.
Fred and Pearl are pretty quiet unless they are in the carriers. Then they could wake the dead!
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Lovey "mreeps" softly but only when he wants my attention.

He "mreeps" over and over when I get home just before I feed him as he walks back and forth from bowl to me...(as if I could forget!
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LOL! Cool thread.

Sasha whines, like he's annoyed by everything. But he's such a sweetheart, it seems very out of character!

Saba hardly says a word. Maybe once a week? She was a rescue so she's used to not calling any attention to herself whatsoever. However, now that she's settled in completely, I think she feels it complements her diva persona, like Greta Garbo or something.
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Russian Blues are a quiet breed, and mine are, for the most part, fairly quiet. That said, Mik will meow at me (loudly) sometimes when I talk to him... though it's usually when I'm near the door and he wants me to take him for a walk in the hallway. Lex has a deep meow (not unlike a Siamese), but it's fairly quiet, and when he's happy he chirps and will grumble in his sleep. Oh, and Mik snores sometimes!
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All of ours have totally different sounds.
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Oscar has many different "meows". At night he has the "Where are you guys?" meow. He has the "Mom" meow when he's looking for me. And he just started the brrrrt thing recently. I think he just found out he can make that noise because now he does it all the time.
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Ivo's a talker. She yells when she wants attention, whines when she wants loving, chirps when she's content and huffs when she's annoyed. I have to admit I encourage her mouthiness-I grew up with a very talkative cat.
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All three of my rascals have distinctly different voices.

Red Cat is LOUD! I've only been around two Siamese before so don't know if those were typical that breed, but Red Cat is louder than either of them and just as talkative. In his younger days, he'd go out on the town at night, then climb to the second floor deck at the end of the house, about 50 feet from where I was sleeping, and WAKE ME UP with his demand to be let in. And that was through double pane windows. He has a similar loud demand when he wants to be fed or petted. He also has a loud whine when he wants the litterbox cleaned.

Purdy has a tiny little "ou-ah" sound when he wants to be let outside. That's about the only time he talks.

Sheba has a feminine little voice, which she uses to tell me she wants food, to be petted or to go out.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I was raised by a Siamese, man was she a talker, big, loud busy body voice, and such a distinct sound.
Yup... sort of like any other cat when it's agitated, right? We've not learned Mika's language yet, and he just sounds p'd off whenever he talks (which is often)!

Mika yells at us when we first come home and doesn't stop until he gets his dinner. Then he just whines whenever we do something he doesn't particularly agree with.

Since I'm posting about him I just have to mention an incident this morning when I came out of the bathroom in my bath robe. I don't know what got into him, he's seen me in my robe so many times, but those ears went back and that little short haired tail looked like an oblong porcupine. Hubby said "oooooh, if looks could kill!"... he looked like he was about to tear me up! I just can't get that image out of my head... with those big over-sized ears his head looks like a stealth bomber when they're laid back!
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Originally Posted by Sooz123
Yup... sort of like any other cat when it's agitated
Or like any other cat in heat
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Ah yes, the Siamese voice ... my blue point Tonka has only a few "words" - he frequently trills "brrrrrr" and says what we all think sounds like "Mama" but my favorite is when he is ready to eat ... he looks at me and says, "Now?" LOL If it isn't quite time, I always have to reply, "No, Tonka, not quite yet."

Lexus is all about dainty and petite, from her little brown sealy point body to her meow. Her normal meow is "Meeee-uuuuu" and at the moment, she is in estrus so her voice is um, obnoxious to say the least. She was standing by my kitchen door the other day howling and I kept saying, "Oh nooooo, Lexus - Oh noooooo!" and she turned right around and said "Oooooh, noooooooo!" right back to me! LOL
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