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Hi, my cats name is Shade, i named her that cause she's the color of a shadow. But i thought Shadow sounded too masculine, she has a white streak running down from her bottom jaw to her hind legs and the tips of her paws are white, is very energetic, doesn't respond to catnip and can be very stoic when she's giving you the brush off.

She's about maybe 14 monthes old and i've had her for about 7 of those, she was part of a litter of kittens who i discovered sleeping up against my water heater outside the winter before last, shortly after discovering them i found there ma ma cat (i assume anyway since there were no other cats hanging outside around this time) dead, and began to feed them there was one particularly brave one (the others wouldn't approach) that would come up close and get the food while i was still standing there, come spring they all disappeared then about 3 monthes later a stray that had all the same colors and furr paterns as the "brave cat" began sleeping on my porch throughout the day (i assume it's the same cat, as it was young and looks the same but i don't know how likely that is) anyway i began feeding her and took her in, slowly domesticated her and had her spayed, deparisited etc. and she took to me really fast i play with her every day, and she's getting a bit chubby, she's also got a really shiney coat now (It's dark grey but when light is shined on it it will reflect white) it used to be duller
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Hi welcome to the site, can't wait to see pics of Shade.
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like Shade chose you as her person early on. She sounds lovely too.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you and Shade to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Welcome to TCS! And thank you for caring for those orphans. Shade was smart to come back to you. I look forward to hearing more about hear, and maybe seein pics, too! susan
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She sounds like she's a beauty! Hello & Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 incredible furrys
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Eh, i'd post pics but i lost my webcam after i spent my summer vacation in chicago during the moveing of my stuff, and it's not high on my list of priorities right now so probably won't have pictures for a while sorry :/

Niether do i have a scanner, again it's not something i really have a use for right now, i might next semester though lol
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Hi and welcome to you and Shade. A lovely name
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Welcome to TCS!
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