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James Patterson

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I just bought the brand new James Patterson book 'Violets are Blue'. I was so excited about it that I couldn't wait to get it off half.com. Had to buy it right away.

anybody reading this?
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What type of book is it ? I'm a huge fan of John Saul's and I'm currently reading 'Merrick' by Anne Rice. I love to read!!!Its brain exercise
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I love to read as well. James Patterson wrote the books 'kiss the girls' and 'along came a spider' which were turned into movies. The are mystery/thrillers.
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OOo I'll have to give him a try. I love thrillers
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On Thanksgiving we rented Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls!
Morgan Freeman was excellent as Alex Cross!

Whats this book about? Is it another Cross character?

I read a lot of Dean Koontz...Intensity was excellent!
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I've read just about every Dean Koontz book..he's awesome I do have one beef with his books... They (well mostly)are all set in California, and every single family he writes about has a Golden Retriever. The woman is beautiful and strong, and the man is gentle and doting. The books of his I liked the most were the ones that shifted away from that pattern a bit. I find I have to break it up a bit, read a Koontz book or two, then something else for a while. Don't get me wrong, hes a great writer :rainbow: I loved 'Winter Moon'. That was one of the creepiest books I've ever read. It really played on my fears
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I love dean koontz!! He is one of my favorite authors.

Melissa, remind me, what was 'Winter Moon' about? Can't remember if I read it or not.

This new James Patterson book is an Alex Cross. But first you need to read 'Roses are red' this is the follow up.

the Alex Cross books are excellent! If you liked 'along' you should definitly try the book. It's one of his best.

Intensity was creepy! ewwwwwwwww
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Hey you guys!! Wait for me!! I wanna know what you're talking about!! ha ha ha haa....Just let me get my paws on a Dean Koontz book and I'll get back to ya! (Don't hold yer breath though, I have to finish a 6 book series Im halfway through first..... heh heh)
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Winter Moon is about a family who moves from the city to an isolated ranch in Montana after it is willed to them by the father of a friend who died mysteriuosly. They encounter an alien presence inhabiting the forest surrounding the ranch. The creepiest part is the aliens way of getting around- using dead bodies from the nearby graveyard as a host. It was the creepiest Koontz book I've ever read :paranoid2
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Ok, thats it, now I HAVE to read it!! Im going to the book auction site RIGHT NOW!!!
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James Patterson is one of my favorites. Do you like Violets are Blue? Most of his books are great, but remember Jack and Jill? What was the one about the kids in the experimental lab? They could fly... Like I said, most of his books are great, but he has his bad days to.


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Ok guys, I just bought two Dean Koontz books, Winter Moon and Intensity (I think!!) soooo, which one should I read first?!!!
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I can't remember if I've read winter moon but Intensity is really good (and scary!)

I would start there
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Ok will do!! (Though I reeeeally should finish the series Im reading first...eh what the hec!! I'll just finish the book Im on and then I'll start it!! YEY) Cool, I need a change at the minute, the series Im reading is very good, but they are all very similar.... Im in the mood for something totally different! :dali:
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I started Intensity on a 2 day camping trip, just to have something to read at the river while Scott was fishing.

I finished it on the car ride home! :laughing2 (not the best place to read this book, you'll see why!)

I loved that book, it's a hard one to put down...Intensity is exactly what the title implies!

I don't think I have Winter Moon... but I have Sole Survivor, Cold Fire, False Memory, Night Chills, Shattered ummm...thats all I can think of.
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'False Memory' by Dean Koontz was awesome too...cool twist at the end.
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I ed False Memory! what a great book!
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