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I'll go way off base here: I don't turn ours on unless it is over 90 and raining. The ceiling fans work great the rest of the time. Guaranteed to save a couple hundred a month that way. I have a ground source heat pump that both heats in winter and cools in the summer. I can get the house cooled down as necessary in about 10 minutes.

And yes, I like the heat!
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I don't have air
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I don't like them they make me to cold
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I know with my home, it is a sauna if we don't let the air keep it cool all the time. We tend to leave it at about 77-78 in the summer and 72 in the winter. It hasn't been too expensive either. It would have to work hard to cool this place off. When we've had it off and it's gotten hot in here it has to run forever to get cool in here.
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I leave mine on all the time, because with the weather as hot as it's been this summer, as soon as I turn it off, the temperature starts rising - I tried turning it off for a bit one day, and the temperature rose by three degrees in about five minutes! So I keep it turned on, to 22 degrees celsius (72 degrees fahrenheit) 24 hours a day. That said, I don't have to pay my hydro bill, utilities are inculded in my rent, so if I had to pay the bill myself, it would be a different story!
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I only have the window units that cost like a million dollars a month to run, plus with all the fans, my place stays comfortable without the AC on all day, so I generally turn it off. I also like to keep my energy consumption down as much as possible whle still keeping myself and the kits comfy
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it's never hot enough here in NZ for AC
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I have 2 rotating fans that I leave on 42/7 in the summer but only turn on the aircon in the afternoon if its above 85 and have it on at night just cool enough so we can sleep without sweating. Otherwise If I'm home have all the windows open and when I'm out leave the bathroom and kitchen windows open as they have bars on them.
Ginger just goes and sleeps in the bathroom if she's too hot.
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I didn't vote, because you didn't have a "no AC" option! We have central air, but I won't use it. I spend 9 mos out of the year cold, I am not about to do it in the summer too! I absolutely can't stand to have cold air blowing on me. Or warm air, for that matter. Fans drive me crazy, I can't stand to have them blowing my hair around, and just making me feel cold. I like a nice natural breeze though. I open all the windows and enjoy the fresh air! I do keep an eye on my animals to make sure they aren't getting too warm though. The cats just seek out the window with the best breeze, I've never seen them panting or anything. The dogs spend a lot of time in the kitchen on the tile floor. They are long haired, so I bought a tool that thins/shortens thier coats, and I keep thier belly hair trimmed so they stay cooler. Hamsters get ice bottles in thier cage. Everyone gets plenty of cold, fresh water to drink. I have poor circulation, so once I get cold, I can't get warm again for a long while. I live for these 3 mos of warm weather every year!

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When I had central air in TN, I kept it set at 76, day or night, and kept the ceiling fan in my bedroom on low speed 24/7. I had the cheapest pwr bill of anyone in my building (yeah, I checked) In winter, I kept the heat at 68 and wore a sweater/sweats. I try to conserve $$$$ and this served to save money AND power.

Now I don't have AC, but I only feel the need for it here about two months out of the year, so I'm not bothered. I have a ceiling fan and room fans set on low, and since I have a tri-level, i just spend a lot of time in the lowest level which is largely below-grade and stays cooler for most of the day.
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Keep AC on all day/night at the temp you like because turning it down or off will hike up you bill, it works extra hard to get the house cooled down again. I heard that on the News.
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