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Thanks, guys. :)

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I just want to say thanks to everyone here who takes care of feral colonies, especially those, like my next-door neighbor, who are doing the TNR thing. Those of us who love cats and hate to see them suffer and are limited to taking care of our own (albeit rescued) furbabies appreciate what you're doing.

Big hugs.
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Hey evnshawn...you know...I don't actually trap cats..but I participate in a feral cat spay clinic. You should see if there is such a thing in Kansas and see if you can participate. It's great to be part of the solution and help these cats.

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Thanks for your kind words, evnshawn! Those of us who care for feral kitties don't often get recognition but that's ok - the reward is in those little faces we see every day.

Katie had a good suggestion for you. There are lots of ways to help feral cats, even if you don't do hands-on care with a colony. You could help by volunteering to answer phones for a spay/neuter hotline, participate in a fund-raiser, set up a drop-off box at the local market for food donations to help feed colonies, even write letters to the editor of the local paper letting people know about the plight of ferals and how they can help them.

What seems to us like a small thing in terms of time and effort can make big differences to the lives of feral kitties!
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