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Weird kitties!

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Hallo all,

I am new to this forum, but mainly I was just wanting to show these kitties that were just born a few days ago on my mother's farm. They are quite unique looking, and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this type of coloring before on a kitten and if they know if it will stay (which hopefully it does! ) or , if they will normalize with their growth.

Here's a few links to them:
One with a diff head

Couple of Twins


Above View

Another SHot

From the Side

2 batches, 4 cats gave birth in 1 week!

Another above

Another Closeup

Weeel, there you go, i'm curious to hear opinions on their coats!

(hopefully it's ok i posted these, sorry if not )
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Looks like the lighter colored grayish ones look like pastel calicos, the darker grays look like they'll be a smokey color, or possibly tortoise shell.

All very cute
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Somebody with more experience with kittens will be along, but I believe that those are just their baby coat "fuzzies" and the color will deepen and darken as they get older.

Meanwhile --- WELCOME to TCS!
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hehe thanks for the welcome and I am happy to be here, and appreciate all the comments. It's just odd cause we don't really have any cats that even look like those runni'n around, even the tomcats aren't like that! i'll post more pics of them growing and show if their coats change or not when i get 'em
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hi friend! Welcome to TCS!!!
What a lovely cute pics of your babys!!!!
Thanks for share!!!
see you on the forums!
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Hi welcome to the site, very cute kitties.
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Hello and welcome!!!
Awwww, they are all just sooo cute!!! I like the one with the different color head!

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all I can say is I love babys! Hello & Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 incredible furrys
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Boy that's quite a crowd, I hope you get the moms spayed soon and keep them away from intact males so they don't get pregnant again

I am moving this to pictures
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OMG cuteness overload. what sweet little babies. oh couldnt you just snuggle and cuddle them. thanks for sharing your pics and a big welcome to the site
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