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Send some good vibes my way!!!

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So--non-cat related but,

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. Qualified for a mortgage w/great rates and today....put an offer on our first choice!!

Send us good vibes that they accept the offer and that they want to close quickly!!

The kitties are very tired of renting
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Sending tons of good vibes your way {{{{{}}}}} so that you, hubby, and your sweet tuxedos find a permanent place real soon!
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oh how exciting!! I can't wait to take that step! I'm sending a ton of easy closing vibes!! good luck
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I'll keep my fingers crossed that it goes well!
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OOOOOOOO lotsa vibes!! Hope it all falls into place quickly for you!
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Good luck, I hope you get the house you want.
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Good Luck! Absulutely count with us!!! sending (((((((Good vibes))))))))
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Ooooh how exciting. Sending loads of good vibes your way that you get the house you want.
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Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We got the house!
After a bit of haggling back and forth they accepted our offer. We're going to close the end of June and then we're letting them rent it back from us for July. They'll move out July 31st and then we'll have all of August to paint and change a few cosmetic things before we move in on August 31st, since our lease on our apartment isn't up til Sept. 1st.
We have the inspection on Tuesday, and unless we can find something majorly seriously wrong with the place, its ours! The only way we wouldn't get it now is if WE backed out--and we have til the 31st to get back our earnest money (extended the due diligence time to 10 working days instead of the usual 5 so that my dad can come up from FL and check it out for me)

The best part is, there are a bunch of fancy new houses on the block that have been selling for crazy prices, so if we keep our looking nice and the market keeps going up, when we want to move next (prob. about 5-8 years) we could stand to make some serious dough!

The kitties are excited cause there's a little backyard that they can play in on their leashes and eat bugs! Well, they would be excited if they understood English!
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I'm so excited for you!!! I hope the inspection goes well for you and you don't find any problems. The kitties will be romping in their garden before you know it!
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Congratulations! The house sounds great!

Are you staying in the city, or making that big leap to the 'burbs?
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Congratulations! How exciting!
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