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Pack Leader??Boss of cats??

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My friend watched the recent Oprah special about her dog, and the trainer came on and taught Oprah how to be more assertive and to be the "pack leader". And to train your pet that you are the master , they are the pet,,etc,etc. My friend Josh, was trying to tell me that I need to be a "pack leader" with Conner. I just laughed and laughed, and explain that people dont own cats, cats own people! He said it is only because we let them, blah blah blah. And that may be so, I do let Conner, but even if I didnt, I really dont see him ever allowing ANYONE to OWN him,,hahaha, yeah right!!

My friend was only saying this because Conner is a sissy and is afraid of inanimate objects and hisses at them ,, the usual kind of inanimate objects I suppose: vacuums, brooms, boxes, you probably all remember the cat-grass episode?? LOL! I was playfully picking on Conner for being so weird, and Josh says it's because I cater to his every whim ,,but really I try to promote adventurousness too!!LOL, the darn cat goes everywhere with me in the car, and etc. So,,whatever JOSH , no one can own kitties,,,RIGHT??

I could just see me trying to COMMAND Conner ,,LOL
Do you think you or anybody could ever command a cat, I do not,,trainer shmainer!
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There's a quote I love, I only wish I could remember who said it.

Dogs have masters, cats have staff.
I firmly believe this, but I have, in my lifetime met a handful of cats that would allow you to believe you could control their behavior with training.

Truth is, some cats can be trained, but they do have to want to do as you ask, and enjoy doing it (it also doesn't hurt if they think it's their idea).
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Pack leader for dogs - alpha cat for cats.

Now whether a human can pass them selves off as alpha cat, I'm not sure. I am very loving with my kitty (and was with my last kitty) but am also firm when necessary, and they do take their cues from me. Cosmo follows me around the house and looks to me for reassurance when he's frightened. He also listens when I tell him to get off the dining table or stop biting my feet through the blankets.

So am I the alpha cat?
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