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When I lived in Japan, my friends and I found a statue of a girl in a park. Her name was "Kimichan" and it was said that she represented the love between a mother and daughter.

My friend knew how close my mom and I are and since my name is Kim, it just stuck! And it's been a nickname ever since.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
My nick ...uh?
Just because I´m ...
You sure are Rigel!
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Olly for my Oliver, and "Extra" was what Emma was named before we adopted her--we switched it to Emma because it still sounds similar--didn't want to confuse her too much--but calling her "Extra" made me afraid she's have low self esteem! Lol! I joined the site b4 we brought her home to get tips on introducing her to Oliver.
Now everybody's here and happy!
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jcat is just short for "Jamie Cat". It's not very original, and I've encountered a lot of other people on other sites using the same name.
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Goosehazel, my 2nd and 4th cats. I used that because when I originally found this site it was because I had some questions about Lucy aka Goose and Hazel and why they weren't getting along. So became my username: Goosehazel.
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Originally Posted by Renny
Renny means "small yet mighty" in....gaelic or celtic. I think it's fitting since i'm have to work to stretch to 5'3...but i shouldn't be underestimated because of that (which some people sometimes do...mostly guys)

great thread
I know how you feel... I'm only 5'2" myself!! Which is kinda where my username comes in. It's derived from the two Danish words "lille" meaning small... and "kat"... which, well, speaks for itself really. How original!!
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My middle name is Dawn. I wanted to show Sierra's ownership of me, and StephanieofSierra just didn't have the same ring to it!
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Mine's pretty obvious. My husband always calls me the Little Red Haired Girl, the one who Charlie Brown has the humongeous crush on in the Peanuts cartoons.
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mine's another one of those 'standard' screen names. my 1st name, my birth month &'s also my yahoo address. the number is high enough that no one else usually has it. even tho 'Laureen' is fairly unusual as a name, you'd be surprised how many i've run into on the net!
i chose my title because i sing...for concerts, school, community theatre... my mom used to say my sister & i would sing at the drop of a hat - & you didn't even need to drop it! i've been singing in public for people since i was 11.
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Mine is esrgirl because, well, I'm a girl, and I go to the Earlham School of Religion. At one point I was bsugirl, although not at this site, because I graduated from Ball State University. I am also very original!
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My parents always called me Sweets as I was growing up. Amazingly enough, my SO started calling me the same thing the night we met. (My parents stopped using that nickname as I started school)
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Mine is obvious I think

Ash is my name (Ashley but everyone I know calls me Ash) B is for Baker, C = Cola, T = Tango
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When I got my first two babies (Catty and Chino) I was living in a town called Dartmouth.
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I have been interested in consumer education and advocacy since 1997. My u-name is the name of my website (

Ever since that thread where we made funny names out of u-names and someone called me consumerkitty, I've wished I could change my TCS u-name to consumerkitty.

Like a lot of you, I picked the name I use on other boards which are mostly about credit and other consumer interest topics.
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
Sanctie is a shortened form of Sanctuary, the calm in the middle of the storm. I am usually that, except when it comes to my own probs, lol, as you all know! I am such a solution oriented/problem fixer person that it just fits. I used to go by Sanctuary a lot on other internet stuff, shortened it because I found out it was pretty common,, now I'm just Sanctie.(Since you all know my name anyways (Stevie), I should have just gone by that, but when I joined this site, I didnt know I would like you all enough to share personal info with you,,LOL)
Oh, I thought that was your stage name! Don't do it Stevie!

I think everyone knows my story by now. Here's the shrot version. It's what I call my electric guitar, which is based on the name of a piece of heavy equipment for brush/tree clearing. -grinds the hell out of anything.
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Amy = My name
DHH = Domestic House Human

Kind-of a play on "Domestic House Cat" - since I'm a "mutt" just like Cosmo
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I've been using Vespacat for over 5 years now.

Vespa = love of Vespas
Cat = love of cats

Combine it, and you get one rockin' handle!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
My middle name is Dawn. I wanted to show Sierra's ownership of me, and StephanieofSierra just didn't have the same ring to it!
hey my middle name is dawn too! my name is merriam...if you take out the 2 r's in the middle you get me i am...and i definately am me! i also use this as my business name and while deciding on a business name one day i realized that about my name and i think it fits me very well as i am very are the things i do and make
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When i joined i had a kitten called Maverick.

Now Maverick is grown and has a kitten of her own (who is still un-named), so its still kinda works.
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I got 'felineorc' from a crazy card game I love playing - It is called Munchkin - and in the game you can become different races other than human - the feline part was easy and as I was having a MONSTER of a day - I chose 'orc' (a mythical monster) to go with 'feline'.

Maybe I should have chosen 'crazyfeline' reading this explanation of my name.
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Mine is "Breakaway" after Kelly Clarkson's smash single and CD. I also love the name has great meaning.
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Well me I have done some really......emmm let's just say dumb things in my life. So since I was little my brothers and sister called me "Blondie" since my name is Cathi I just added the cat to the blondie and viola! It's me
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It's my real first name I was to upset to think of a user name when I registered
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I like sushi, a lot. Eatrawfish sounds a bit like an order, which amuses me, although I rarely actually order people to Eat Raw Fish.
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I live in the city of Wellington and I love Cats!
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well i like kittys and my middle/nick name is lea
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I "luvmysphynx" very very very much!!!
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Kaska is for my First Nation, and Cats is for, well, my cats. I always say my dog is Kaska, cause she understands commands in that language (as well as english & french) so why can't my cats be too?
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I participate in monthly feral cat spay/neuter clinics. My user name is the humane method that is used for feral cats which is Trap, Neuter, Return...I put the one on the end in case someone else had used TNR already.

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