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What does your username mean?

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What does your username mean?

Mine's obvious, my name is Gillian but for most of my life people have called me Gilly

(I am not sure if a topic like this has been posted before, I did a search but could not find one so forgive me if it is a repeat!)
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I think mine is quite obvious too

Though yes, am interested in what others mean too...
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Renny means "small yet mighty" in....gaelic or celtic. I think it's fitting since i'm have to work to stretch to 5'3...but i shouldn't be underestimated because of that (which some people sometimes do...mostly guys)

great thread
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Rosie as in my Rosie as i only had her then.

mac as in my surname McKinley
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Mine's self explanatory, too... I have big ol dark brown eyes, so dark they're almost black.
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Mine kind of says it all too!
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"ugaimes" is the screen name/user name I use for everything. It's a combination of "UGA" (University of Georgia, where I went to college. GO DAWGS!!! ) and "Aimes", which is a nickname for Amy.
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At the time I first joined thecatsite, Red Cat was over 15 pounds and Purdy was about 14.25. Both should weigh about 10. I didn't have Sheba yet then. Although I have restricted the amount of food I give them, I've only managed to get Red Cat down to 14.45 and Purdy to 11.7. I allow them outside days and Red Cat, especially, seems to be supplementing his diet with rodents. I've seen him with two big rats in the past month or so. So he'll probably always be a fat cat.
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It's my name, but my name means oath, or pledge.
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It's the screen name I always use. I got it from a story that I wrote when I was a kid. The white dragon in the story was "Sylorn", so I made it into a girl form and have been "Sylorna" since.
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I think this comes up occasionally on every forum I've ever belonged to, LOL.

About 7-8 years ago I was getting into potterymaking, learning to throw on the wheel, handbuilding, sculpting, glazing and firing my pieces. I hoped to make my hobby pay for itself, or at least defray some of the costs by selling a few pieces occasionally, never mind the fact that there's only so many pots you can use! When searching for a name for my "studio" I'd always loved the movie "LadyHawke" (I had a "Hawke" vanity tag for a while) but a friend cautioned me that I might run into copyright issues by using that. Since I'd always loved roses I changed it slightly and did a LOT of searching on the web to see if it turned up anywhere else. The only thing I found at the time was a racehorse in Florida , so I settled on that name. Since then it's sort of become my nom de plume. I had set up a website with my own domain of www.rosehawke.com which has since become just a personal website.

I had to give up the potterymaking when I became sick for a while, and then we moved so I lost my studio space and where I had my kiln set up. I do hope to get back to it, eventually.

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I xocats
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I am soooo unimaginative. First name Gail and C for 1st initial of last name.
I need something easy to remember.
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When I was younger I used to be bitter that my name was 'just' Beth and I always wanted to be an Elizabeth but then I got creative and wanted to be more different and be an Alizabeth and be called Ali.... sooooooo I use Ali and 012281 is my birthday.
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Mine is Fwan
If you hear little kids pronouncing fRan they say Fwan and its soo cute
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Originally Posted by xocats

I xocats
Very clever!
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Sanctie is a shortened form of Sanctuary, the calm in the middle of the storm. I am usually that, except when it comes to my own probs, lol, as you all know! I am such a solution oriented/problem fixer person that it just fits. I used to go by Sanctuary a lot on other internet stuff, shortened it because I found out it was pretty common,, now I'm just Sanctie.(Since you all know my name anyways (Stevie), I should have just gone by that, but when I joined this site, I didnt know I would like you all enough to share personal info with you,,LOL)
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I use katspixiedust for any kind of forum/journal type thingy, though not for my email or anything like that. The first part is obvious, kat is short for Katherine (since if I put my FULL name PLUS pixiedust it just would have been ridiculous) and pixiedust because 3 or 4 years ago when I started using this I was really into fairies and all that. So, it's like MY pixiedust lol.
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Mine is the first three letters of both my first (eil) and last (con) names. Not very original, but it's the first user name I had when I got email years ago where I was working at the time. It was company policy. I've just used it ever since.
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CJ and Billy are my cats.... pretty dull, huh?
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lovemycodygirl...need I say more?
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My husband and daughter nicknamed me Yosemite Sam because when I get really riled up I come out with both guns-a-blazin. They bought me car mats with Yosemite Sam on them as well.
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Mine is courtesy of my niece when she helped me set up my email account. I cut stones and make jewelry on occasion.

Yes, this type of thread has been done before, but it may have been lost in the Great Crash last year.
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The first day I got my cat he jumped right up on me like I was a peice of furniture. I was signing up for this site at the same time so that is what I chose.
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Dick is my husband and Leah is me. Original huh?
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I picked crittergirl because I am so drawn to all types of "critters" (remember the Beverly hillbillys?)I even fed all of the wild birds while visiting my sister in Florida. They would see me come out and flock to get a treat.
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I have used Bossinova for just about everything the last couple of years. Bossinova was one of the first horses I helped train when I was working at and Arabian breeding farm. I loved that horse! I bonded very strongly with her, she was an amazing girl with a ton of personality.
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When we first had the computer, and were trying everything, including games, I needed a handle to record a score. My husband was standing behind me stroking my hair, which was down at the time, and said, "What about Rapunzel?" It worked, and I didn't think much about it again for years, until I started needing a username here and there, and wanted it to be the same everywhere, so I didn't need to remember too much. It didn't take long to discover that other people liked the name, too, so rather than be rapunzel some places and rapunzel[fill in the number] other places, I chose a number I'd remember -- I was born in 1947 -- and high enough that it wouldn't likely be already taken.
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My nick ...uh?
Just because I´m ...
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GrayKittenLove because I love grey kitties. Although I spell Gray that way because the first site I tried to sign up to already had someone using GreyKittenLove.
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