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Sabra, tell us about the wedding!

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well, how did it go?!?!?

details! details!
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Yeah girl, dish! :laughing2:

And some pics would be really nice too! (hint hint)
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Where is Sabra???? She must be on one of those honeymoons that just doesn't quit!!! (lucky her!!)
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Aaa c'mon.....stuff the honeymoon what about us poor ladies waiting for pics!!! C'MON!!!! Stop all that mushy smoochey stuff and get and give us the goss!!!!
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Thanks for asking (as if I weren't dying to tell ). For those of you who don't know I got married Saturday, November 24th @ 3:00 p.m. and everything that day went great!!!!! I knew it had to with all the major problems that kept occuring leading up to the day. Of course the worst was the whole incident with my dress (you can read the entire story on one of the daily threads - can't remeber wich). Here is a timeline of events:

Wednesday 21st: Coordinator calls saying she has to cancel but that a new coordinator should be calling me that evening or tomorrow! New coordinator calls that night.

Thursday 22nd: Thanksgiving at our house. I was very busy but things went really well. This was the first time our families met but since half of his family ended up canceling at the last minute we were stuck with a lot of leftovers. Not to mention he was very upset about them canceling.

Friday 23rd: Very busy! Picked up my dress from the new alteration people - dress looked fabulous!!! Called my parents hotel to tell them I was on my way with the dress (I told them the day before that I would be heading over that afternoon with it) and no one was there. I called all their cell phones and still nothing. Luckily hotel management let me into their room so I could hang up my dress. The dress had to be hung (from a high place) immediatley after I picked it up to keep it from wrinkling. Finally got ahold of my parents - they forgot !

Saturday 24th: Big day everything went fantastic!!! Everyone said I looked like a princess . I couldn't have asked for it to have gone better. Everyone complemented that the ceremony was beautiful and at the reception everyone said the place was fabulous and how on earth did we find it! I was so afraid I was gonna cry but I didn't . We had a suite at a local hotel for the night.

Sunday 25th: We headed out to Galveston! Not much of a honeymoon but neither of us have any vacation time and had to be back at work Tuesday.

Monday 26th: Florist calls saying she couldn't find any of her candle stands at the church and that if they weren't found it was going to cost us $600!!! After a couple of frantic hours of calling different people at the church and the coordinator the florists stands were found .

Well, I won't have any pictures until I get them back from the photographer (which should be the end of this week) and I will definitely be getting some put on cd.

We had a very nice ceremony and dinner reception but with a guest list of 60 people, financially we could do that.

Well, I could go on and on so better stop now!
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Wow, you had quite a bit of stress leading up to your Big Day, but it looks like everything turned out well!

I'm sitting here (twiddling thumbs) patiently awaiting the pics!

So glad you had such a wonderful day...you deserve it!
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Hi Sabra :angel2::daisy:

So happy for you Congratualtions Wow, it sure seemed like you had some rough spots, but all in all, things just have a wonderful, amazing, sometimes crazy way of working out.

I'm looking forward to see the Princess & Prince's wedding pics I'm sure they're beautiful :angel2:

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Sabra, I cannot WAIT to see the pictures!!!!!
I wish I had been there! I am sure you looked beautiful! And I am certain it was a wedding to remember!!

And by the way, in another thread you mentioned that you didn't like your name, and I just wanted to tell you that I love your name, it is unique and beautiful, and I have a cat named Sabrina, that I find myself often calling Sabra for short now!

Glad you had such a wonderful wedding! *hugs*
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You guys are so sweet ! Thanks so much! I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for the photographer to call and tell me the pictures are ready!


I don't really hate my name. It just gets old when people constantly go "huh?" when they hear my name. I also get tons of people pronouncing it wrong. Like at my college graduation. Before graduation you have to submit a card with your information and they ask you to also spell your name phonetically if it is a difficult name. So, after my name I wrote (saybruh) and they still messed it up at graduation. The same exact thing happened at my high school graduation. Thanks for the compliment. That's the one thing I like about my name - when people give me compliments on it (it's usually those people who remember how to pronounce it).
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