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Help on a grieving cat?

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A girl i work with(Debby) lost her mum 2 weeks ago.

Her mum has a 2 year old cat who at the moment is still staying at the house, but Debby still goes down 2-3 times a day to check on it because although she is taking on the cat she doesn't think she should move her to her house yet because she thinks the cat is missing her mum because although she's eating ok, she's crying a lot, so doesn't want to add further stress by up rooting her so quickly.

I've told Debby to talk to the cat, and show her affection so she'll get used to her voice etc.., but theres a couple of things she needs advice on?.

1. She's been told once she takes her to her house she should keep her indoors for approx 6 weeks before letting her out?.

2. Any ideas how else she can get the cat to feel more at ease?

I have to add that the cat has had the best of care when her mum had her with vets, injections, worming etc... so theres no problems there.

So if theres anything else anyone can advise on it would be appreciated
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how about good old feliway?

she should try to take as many familar things from the hose as she can, blanket, cushions etc. even a faveroite chair maybe?

has your friend got any other cats?
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No this will be her first Nicky, but she has no problems taking her which i'm pleased about, and the fact that she's asking advice makes me feel better as well

I forgot about the blankets etc..?!
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how about something that smells of her previous owner like a dressing gown to be used as a blanket?

its nice to see someone taking responsability for a family pet. all too often i'm seeing free ads for pets who's owners have died and no-one wants.

as the cats only two she'll hopefully adapt fairly quickly.
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Your right Nicky, it is

I'm making a list of things for her to do here with what you've said
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That is so sad.

Yes, so nice for her to take the cat in and what a bonus that the cat knows her already.

I would also suggest clothing (though it sounds morbid) that the woman wore...and same food bowls etc...
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What does anyone think about her keeping her indoors for 6 weeks before letting her out?.

She's obviously in a different area to what she's used to, but she's used to being outdoors.
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Her first instinct will be to go home, find the woman who has cared for her, so your friend would need to keep her indoors until she has adjusted, accepted her new owner, and has her own scent placed all over the home to feel comfortable. Also the cat will need to be watched. Outside, that will be near impossible. Cats grieving for the loss of their feline friends, go off their food, stop responding to playtime, can start biting clumps of fur off their body, or do any number of things that point to stress and illness.

It isn't helping the cat to keep it there at the house. The cat needs to be moved, to adjust to the new surroundings because right now it is confused and wondering why the owner isn't home. Although it is a good idea to take a few personal items, those items should be smell-mixed with the daughter's stuff so the cat can make the transisition a bit easier. Keeping her there, will just prolong the enevitable, unless the daughter is planning on moving into the home herself? I would also suggest to your friend that she order a bach remedy that has Honeysuckle in it.
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Thanks MA, i'll tell her all that, and i'll tell her to take her blanket, bowls, and something of her mums to her house.

She isn't moving into her mums, which is a pity , but i'm just pleased she's asked questions to make it go smoothly for the poor thing
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my local shelter reccomends keeping them indoors for three months. i'd say around weeks to be safe.
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