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Sweet Missy...

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Chris & I used to live in an apartment complex about 20 minutes from where we live now. Chris' parents owned the unit we lived in and they have kept it and renovated it since we have moved out. Chris' parents live in the country about 4 hours away and they use this whenever they come to Melbourne.

We went over there for dinner last week and my MIL informed me that the girl that had lived next door had moved out 7 weeks ago and left her cat At first I didnt believe her as I didnt think this girl could actually do this... but when we went to leave to go home there she sat outside the door - sweet little girl

How could someone get into their car and literally drive away knowing they will not be back? I have cried alot about this cat in the last week, especially since it is getting colder with winter approaching and she doesnt understand why she can no longer enter the home that was hers for the last 6 years everytime I thought of her or of her 'owner' driving away I would swell up in tears (maybe its my hormones? )
Thankfully the new owner is feeding her and letting her inside at times but we knew that this was only a short term solution.

Another neighbour wanted to call the council which no doubt would end in her being PTS Unlike the US here we do not have no-kill shelters and so I knew that shelters were not an option - so I took a photo of her and sent a HUGE email looking for a new home for her.... I even sent the email to clients of mine, who I am sure think I am mad now but the good news is - I have found her a home

On Friday I will go and collect her and take her to the vet to get checked out and then I will pass her over to a friend of mine who will take her to live in the country with her new brother She will have lots of space to run around in and a warm fire to curl up in front of during these cold winter nights
She is going to be spoilt and loved like she so deserves ... so now the tears I shed are tears of happiness rather than tears of sadness.... I am exhausted from crying over her during the last 10 days or so, and I thank those of you that have listened to me complain and cry over it on IM and I honestly admire those that work through this sort of thing all the time - I dont know how you do it....

so here is a picture of her...

Enjoy your new home sweet girl - you really deserve it

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Oh, Dan, you're my hero!This just breaks my heart, how could anyone leave behind this beautiful, precious little girl? Missy will now have the love and care she so very much deserves!
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This kind of thing happens way too often. What is wrong with people?!
How could anyone leave such a beautiful little girl behind.

Thanks for caring for her and finding a loving home. Glad her story will have a happy ending.
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I really don't understand how people can do things like this and live with themselves!

You are such a wonderful person for finding such a precious kitty a home. She looks like such a sweet cat! It brings tears to my eyes to think of her sitting by the door waiting for someone to let her in
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God Danielle, you had me going there for awhile. I didn't know it would have a happy ending!

I, too, don't know how someone could just get in their car and drive away. It's unbelievable. I just now tried to picture myself doing it, and I couldn't even imagine it! There's a special place for owners like her....

Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring so much for this beautiful girl (I have such a soft spot for gray cats!)! Now she will finally have a meowmy who is worthy of her!
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Yay for a happy ending! I too have no idea how anyone could leave a pet behind, it's like they have no empathy.

But I am so happy to hear she is getting a good home. Congrats!
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Oh wow, how could someone leave behind that beautiful baby?!?!?!

What a wonderful person you are to find this beauty a forever home with love and a place to grow and feel safe!!!
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It makes me mad to think how someone could leave their pet behind as they move!! GGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!! People like that shouldn't be allowed to have pets. It sucks even more to think that those creeps will probably go get another animal when they get settled into a new home and then probably neglect it too!!! Grrrr!!!

Danielle, how lucky this kitty was that you saved its little life! That kitty is beautiful!!!

I'm soooo happy!!!
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Good job!
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Dan~ You are a true angel!

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Danielle.. You are an !! Missy is cutie patootie. I am glad that she was found a furever home with people who will love and care for her
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What a beautiful kitty!
I think the girl who left her should be locked out of her own house with no food, water or means of shelter!!
There are words I could use to describe how I feel about her...but none of them are suitable for you good people! :angry:

But, here's what i think about you:

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Danielle, you're an angel for helping this sweet kitty! You have ME in tears, reading your post. Bless you for helping this sweet girl. She is sooo beautiful!
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I just can not for the life of me understand the mentality of some people. How can you live with yourself knowing you left your pet behind? I can tell you this...I hope someone who she loves dearly all of a sudden disappears from her life! They get theirs in the end!

BTW, I'm so glad you found her a home!
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Danielle i've only just seen this now People like this make me sick!

The only thing that comes straight to my mind when they do something like this is that they have no heart at all.

Surely people must form some sort of bond with an animal?.
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Sometimes I really do think people should be licensed to have cats, like they are with dogs in most places. Otherwise this kind of thing will keep happening and nothing can be done about it. Thank goodness you were able to act.
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