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Getting Close?

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OMG she's going NUTS! The one night I work from home and my cat is going ballistic! She's come down to the recroom (which in 2 months she's NEVER done). She's meowing like crazy and she won't leave me alone. Her tummy seems to be contracting (though I could be imagining that LOL). She's pacing back and forth like a lunatic, rubbing up on me, head butting me....and not the normal pet me ones...this is almost frantic.
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Uh oh....she's disappeared somewhere in the basement and it's suddenly VERY quiet with the exception of the odd scratching sound.
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Beth-what happened? Babies or false alarm?
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Flase Alarm I really thought she would have had them by now...the little tease ROFLMAO
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I have one here who is supposedly 6 weeks along who looks like she could go any minute! I guess those babies will come when they come. I wonder if cats have false labor, like hoomans?
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Well Trixie's tummy is getting closer to the floor everyday...lol....pretty soon she'll be one with the florr so she better have them soon Do all cats nest? Cause that doesn't seem to be a big priority of hers. WIth the exception of when she disappeared behind the couch the other day, I've seen nothing to suggest she's nesting. Furthermore, I have like 6 nesting boxes throught the house...that she won't go near...she almost seems afraid of them.
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You know, of course, that she will have them in the middle of your bed!

The number of nesting boxes is inversely proportional to the likelihood that she will use one of them.
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ROFL...I figure on my bed (with the brand new mattress) or on my new chair cushions...hehe...either is a good guess. Today marks the "overdue" first day assuming the vet was right about how far along she was. Gosh I hope she has them soon...she looks soooo uncomfortable.
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not to laugh at you but mine did the same thing, I had several nesting boxes set out for her and even tried to move here ther avter her water borke 3 times before babies and she still had them in the middle of my daughters bed. All wrapped up in my daughters comforter ar that.

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