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Kitten Food Is Icky!

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Hello all you cat lovers out there! I'm new to the Forum so bare with me as I learn my way around...!

My 5-month old Siamese kitten refuses to eat kitten food since he became a part of our family at age 2-months. I've tried many different brands of kitten food but he insists on eating the adult cat food (dry and canned!) that my 6-year old cat eats. Do you think that he's getting the right balance of nutrients by eating the adult cat food? His health and mood seem to be completely normal for a kitten. He's very active and happy and usually hungry quite often. He is a little thin but he's growing and I've heard that Siamese cats are usually on the thinner side anyway.

Can anyone shed some light on this topic for me? I just want to make sure that my little guy will grow up to be a healthy cat but this "kitten food icky" dilema has me a bit concerned.

Thanks for any advice I get out there!
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First of all, welcome to the site !! I had the same problem I have two adult cats and three kittens. the adults wanted to eat the kitten food, and the kittens wanted the adult food. I got great advice from a resident expert, and that was to mix (dry food) the adult and kitten half and half and feed them all the same thing. This way the kittens get the extra nutrients they need from the kitten food, but the adults don't get overweight (as is possible if they are eating kitten food) I was also told to supplement the mix with a can of wet kitten food ,fed to the kittens each evening. It has worked out well, I don't have to worry about feeding the two age groups seperately, and the kittens are nice and chubby Good luck. :rainbow:
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Thanx for your input Melissa and Sandie! But you'll never believe this one: I tried mixing the kitten food and the adult food together and guess what happened? My little guy actually picked thru the food and only ate the adult food! And of course my already chubby older cat then ate ALL the food--including the kitten food that my little guy wouldn't eat! Something tells me this is a no-win situation! But you know, I'll give it a shot again and see what happens. What have I got to lose, right?

Thanx again for responding so quickly!
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Pick already at an early age - HMMMMMM

Have you tried the kitten food from Nutro I have never met a cat/kitten that can resist Nutro. Also you might want to supplement with kitten glop to up the calories - recipe is one of the first threads in the Health & Nutrition forum.

Godd luck
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What about supplementing any food with "Sip Milk" or similar product?

Sandie, Melissa, Helen...what say you? You've got more experience...

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If he likes it I don't see why not and it could not hurt since it is lactos free.
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As long as they are under a year, you can add all the KMR or suppliment you want. If KMR is too expensive, you can mix the food with some lactaid from the grocery store. When they get to about a year, you don't want them to get too much fat in thier diets
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Thank you one and all for your input on my kitty's dislike for kitten food! You've all been very helpful and I'll experiment with your suggestions! MXW121
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Just curious what does the MXW121 stand for :confused3 :confused2
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MXW121 is just a variation of my name that I use at my place of employment.
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