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Would a opposum hurt baby kittens? It's a large opposum and it probably is coming for food where the baby kittens are they are about 7 or so weeks old, and the mother is very small, I don't have any idea if it would be trying to hurt them. I am in the process of trying to get mommy and kittens out of there, just can't figure out who to get first, the mommy will not have any part of a trap or carrier, I can pick her up so I am hopeing I can get her in a carrier quickly, but I don't want the babies running off and hiding...
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Yes. Opposums will fight over food. We have an almost full grown male cat who was fighting with an opposum for food, and he was getting pretty raggedy. I thought he was fighting another tomcat, but once we figured out it was an opposum he is getting better.

DH says opposums don't climb, so I put Will's food up high, and only give him enough for one meal at a time.

I would think that if you could catch Momma, the babies would follow her. Try setting the carrier with the opening at the top, so the kitty just slips down into it. Otherwise she may fight going in!
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Thanks for that information, I think I am going to take a carrier over and leave it for a few days so they can get used to it. I tried for 6 months to get her and after I got 10 others trapped and home she would not even come close so I want to do it right because I want to get her and the 5 little one, I fear also that she may be pregrant again, the babies are a little over 7 weeks old, and they are absloutely darling. I don't want anyone to get away this time.
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Yes, 'possums may hurt kittens, although usually they are opportunistic feeders and the meat in their diets consist of carrion, bird eggs and young and the like. And I hate to correct you, Beckiboo, but they DO climb (I really don't think the ones I've seen 30' up a tree flew up there !) OTOH, it's possible that our Southern 'possums are different, although I don't think so. Also, if you've got 'possums, odds are that you've got 'coons and they will KILL baby kittens.
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Well I know I need to get them ASAP, but I feel I need to let them at least get close to me first, I don't want to go through another 9 months and another litter Mom has been comig to eat and get her loving and pets, and then she goes back in a meow's to the little ones and they come out, they don't run off when they see me and then she will walk circles around me and rub all over me in front of them, so I am guessing she may be trying to tell them I'm ok just a guess theough. She does trust me quit a bit, I can pick her up, and all I have to do is pull up in the car and she's right there Don't want any mistakes this time, she hates carriers and traps and I don't want her taking them else where at this point, So I need a fool proof plan
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You know, I wondered when dh said they don't climb but they are like large dumb rats! Because even a dumb rat climbs! I'll be real careful to keep Will's food down to what he can finish.

We feed more to the ferals out in the barn, so hopefully the 'possum will move back out there! He can get plenty of leftovers after they eat! (Will lives in the garage.)

Halfpint, leaving the carrier out is a good idea, just be sure to fasten the door open. You are very special to take the time to save this girl and her babies!
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Thanks for the kind words and help, I have her whole family here at home There were 11 all together, she was the one that got away about 6 months ago I could not catch her, so this is it now, except she comes with her own family of 5 little ones, All I can say is I AM SO GLAD I got the other 6 females when I did, or I would be cause then there would be like 45 or more babies I want her out of that parking lot, then I do not think I will EVER shop there again
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Possums will climb - found one the other day on the feeding platform at my house - about 5 feet tall. He wasn't happy when we chased him off. The possums here also drive the cats out of their home - mine like to live under my front porch and I can tell when a possum moves in when they stop going under there.

I've not seen a possum going after kittens, but wouldn't trust them. Try to catch the kittens first then catch the mom. If you get the mom and fail to catch all the kittens, you have to release the mom so that she can feed them. Many rescue groups use the kittens as "bait" to catch the mom.

Good luck!
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