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mucos plug

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Today my cat Alice had what I believe was her mucos plug. I was sitting with her and she was continuously grooming herself, which she's been doing for about a week now, and suddenly a big yellowish brownish blob came from her private. She quickly ate it and I was just wondering if it was her mucos plug. Does anyone know how soon after they pass the mucos plug when the kittens usually come? She's been having a little bit of colostrum come out her nipples since Thursday. I have no idea when she's due. I can't stand the waiting anymore lol. Also I can't feel the kittens moving is that normal?
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Hrmmmm ... the "big yellowish brownish blob" is a bit disconcerting - how is she acting otherwise? Does she seem to be having contractions at all? Is she nesting? Is she running back and forth to her litter?
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She is staying in her nesting area and digging around in there and then laying there and sleeping. She has been alot more vocal to me the last couple of days. She isn't running back and forth to her litter box though and she's still eating. She also wants to play still. So I don't know. She has been nesting alot though and constantly cleaning herself all over. She also was pulling hair out around her nipples. Hopefully it'll be soon!
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Sounds like it will be soon!

Can you see or feel contractions at all?
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no, not yet
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