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Smoke Inhalation

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Hi Everyone. I finally got a chance to get back here. We've had an eventful time lately and I have a serious type quesiton. Back on the 16th my smoke detectors woke me up about 5 am. The cats were still sound asleep and didn't respond until I started getting my son up and out of the house. Our oil heater had been backfiring for about 4 hours and filled the house (2 1/2 floors) with smoke and soot. I was able to get my Mony girl in her carrier and out with my son in the van, but my shy guy Oreo "went to ground". Try finding a black cat among the black smoke!

The problem: they seem to be doing okay physically, no extra snoring/heavy breathing etc, but Mony seems like she's lost a little weight since then. She is still eating and getting her "treats" (actually more than he is since he is turning his nose up to most treats) Is this caused by the stress of the alarms (she definetly doesn't like that beeping noise) or should I be more concerned. She is getting close to 11 years old now and I worry.

The other problem is a behavior I think. They used to sleep on one side of the bed at night and now they very rarely come in at all. Any ideas?
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I don't want to say it's not medical with her age, but it sounds like stress. Something like that is pretty difficult for a cat to cope with. They really do not like change at all. I would keep an eye on both of them and try to stick to the normal routine every day. Since she is 11, it wouldn't hurt to have the vet do a total body function test to make sure everything inside is working good
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