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Need hair dye advice!! :)

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I am going to color my hair!!! (Don't worry, I am going to have a pro do it...there's no way I am doing it myself!!)
My hair is a mostly-brown hodge-podge of everything from light blonde to black to flame red. I've gone blonde and I've gone darker, and now I want to go redder.
From reading other hair help posts, I know a lot of you all are really good with hair, so help!!
Should I do dark red lowlights or ginger highlights? Both? Neither? Something else entirely?
Here's the head in question:
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hmmmm personaly i think you have BEAUTIFUL hair. im very jelouse. I honestly have never liked the "natural" dye. the only dye i would use would be the kind where people know you had it dyed (ie blue, gree, purple) anyways. i thihk the ginger highlights.
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I love it as is! Of course I may be a bit biased... it looks like my hair!
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I would do both. The 2 colors will balance each other giving a more natural look.
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Honestly, I like your hair the way it is!!!
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I could give you a bunch of cliches:

"When in doubt, leave it alone"

"It ain't broke -- don't fix it"

But, really what I need to say is "Whatever would you want to change it for?? It's lovely!!" I mean that.
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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
Need hair dye advice!!
I suggest that applying the dye to your hair will be most effective. (Just kidding. I just had to add my two cents to something I know nothing about. )
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god your hair is so nice, just take it off and put it on my head!

than you can have mine and screw it up
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just make sure your seeing a really experienced colourist and give them free reign to do what they like.

tell them the colours you like then leave them to it.

thats what i've always done with fantastic results. plus they are always extra careful and put more effort in because its down to them you looking good.
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I have to add...I don't know if its the photo but your hair colour looks great now..
Like a warm chocolate brown...
I would do as Mav says and let the colourist have free reign...
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