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My and my fiancee have moved into a new house. She has 2 cats and I have one. We started the first week having the cats separated in adjoing rooms with their food bowls on each side of the adjoing door. Next we let them roam the house, just hers or mine, never together. Now we are attempting to let them socialize My cat, Madison, continues to growl and be not nice. Lauri, one of my fiancee's has been just fine. Recently Lauri responded to Madison's vocalizations, then went after her after a bit (some of this might have been my fault allowing the encounter to last too long). I don't see this is bad as Madison needed to know she couldn't just get away with it. We are going to move back the previous step and let them roam the house alone and attempt to supervise the integration.

How long should we give this. Madison just doesn't get it. I adopted Madion when she was about 3 or 4. I was told she didn't play well with other animals. I figured aged would have mellowed her out. Lauri and Lucy, my fiancee's cats, are just fine together.

Ugh, any help is appreciated.