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Zoe attacks the sofa

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I don't know what the sofa did to make my sweet little Zoe angry, but man did it get tore up!! Cushions EVERYWHERE!! hehe

"Take that!!"

"And that!!!"

"I'm not done with you yet!!"

"Any cushions on the floor for me to mess up??"

"Phew, that was hard work, but the sofa is now obeying me."
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Are you sure you didn't drop a kitty treat by accident in between the cushions?
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Zoe, you crazy beast! And showing off your rear to the world, you little flirt!
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Awww she is sweet! She looks a lot like my cat Bunny. Do you know what breed(s) she is? My kittens are into doing matrix moves off my furniture at the moment.......
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Cute, but aren't you glad that isn't a leather couch!?
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Haha, cute pics, she looks so pretty.
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She's got that "cat nip" look in her eyes!!! Get it Zoe!! Get it!!! Hahahahahaha I love it when they go all wild and attack silly things for no apparent reason.
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Adorable pics!
Maybe she was after a spider
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I wouldn't like to cross Zoe on a dark night She looks like she means business! lol

Thanks for the pics.
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What a cutie!!!
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Zoe is a expert to Hunting!!!
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There is nothing in the cushions but her imagination. lol I have checked and checked. She does this quite frequently...I come home from work and find the sofa tore up all the time. She just enjoys it, I guess. That's my Destruct-O kitty!! She had the paper towels rolled out all over the kitchen when I woke up this morning.

Jenn, she shows her butt to the world on a regular basis!! hehe
CJ, YES, I am GLAD it's not a leather couch!! Although, see how textured the fabric is? Yeah, GREAT for kitties to claw!! LOL
Mooch, she's an alley cat. Her mama was a stray. It's the wiley-ness.
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Zoe is a determined kitty. Cute pictures.
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She was just fluffing the cushions up to how she likes it mum, didn't you know that?!
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Those pics are just too cute! Love the captions!
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