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carrier is too small for my 2 cats

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I have a sherpa bag that is made to hold 22 lbs. I bought it when I first got my kittens. I was very happy with it, but now they've almost outgrown it. I need to use a soft carrier that would pass for a duffel bag, and I think my cats would be happier if they could travel together in one bag. One of my cats is skinny and his brother is not! I've searched online and looked at pet stores but haven't had any luck. Thanks for any tips.
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Generally speaking, it is good to transport pets in separate carriers. Best of furry friends have been known to fight each other when confined to such small spaces in close proximity. Anyway, it is a personal decision based on your specific cats.
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My boys (brothers from the same litter) absolutely love each other, but I prefer to have them in separate carriers. Again, personal opinion I suppose.
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my cats a mother and son, wrestle to death in a single carrier. you can put the cariers next to each other so they can still see their friend.
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My 2 kitties have seperate carriers...one a large cat/one a small dog.
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Thanks for the replies. My cats are 12 months old and I've always transported them to the vet in the one carrier. They've never hissed at each other and they seem happy in their bag. The problem is their recent weight gain. Uggh.

I prefer just one carrier b/c it's more 'subtle' to sneak them into the building and up the elevator. Did I say sneak? I meant carry them up in an unobtrusive manner. ["Did I hear a meow?" "No, that was me."] That's why I like the sherpa bag b/c at first glance you can't see them inside.

I don't have a car, so I have to walk everywhere I take them. Their vet is about 8 blocks away. And carrying two bags seems difficult. I'll probably pick up another sherpa. Putting the two bags next to each other so they don't feel scared is a great idea.
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I don't know what a Sherpa bag is but how do you keep them fron hopping right out when you are walking down the street?
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The Sherpa bag I have has mesh on three sides and a top entrance and side entrance that zip. There are also a couple pockets to carry treats, food, paper towels, etc. It's a little bigger than a gym bag. They love it. Gipper is napping inside it right now. I bought it from Petsmart when I first brought my kittens home. I haven't figured out how to post a picture yet or I would include one of the cats with their bag.
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I couldn't carry one in the carrier to the vets never mind two!

Sophie my youngest weighs 10lb and the vets surgery is only a 15 minute walk from my house. It was ok when they were both kittens to walk with them and the carrier but not now, so i get a taxi.

This is the sort of carrier they have

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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I couldn't carry one in the carrier to the vets never mind two!
Try dealing with Maine Coon males some time . We're talking in the neighborhood of 40# of cat if there's two of them.
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I had to buy my 2 cats 2 samsonite soft carriers to be able to get them into hotels during hurricane evacuations. It has roll down sides so it looks like a real duffel bag. But I could never squeeze 2 cats in it . I have 2 DSH, my male is big and hardly fits in the samsonite, my female has more room as she is smaller, but I would say you need two . Can't you take your cats to the vet on different days? Good luck
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