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Ahhh cat got out!

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We have a 2 year old cat. She is an indoor cat, until last night. My wife and I got home from work tonight and didnt see her. We looked all over for her and nothing, so she must have gotten out. We walked around the neighborhood but didnt find anything. She has tags, so if someone finds her im sure we will get a call. I know outdoor cats obviously always come back home, but since she has always been an indoor cat, will she come back? I put some food for her outside and im leaving my door open for her.. Any other suggestions?


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There are others here that will have more suggestions but here are a few for now.

Ask your neighbors. Someone could have taken her in but just havent called yet.
Call any shelters you have in your area straight away so they know you are looking. She may have lost her tags so give them a good description in case she comes in.
Go look around more. She could (and probably is) scared and hiding.

If you go into the SOS forum you will find other threads with tips and suggestions. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=10

I really hope you find her soon!
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I am sorry you lost your cat. Maybe if you put her picture in stores around the area with your number someone might call. Or an add in the paper. Maybe she is just hiding near your own home as she has been indoors for so long and might be hidden somewhere close by. They are very good at hiding themselves.

I sure hope you do find her or she returns soon.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Thats a great forum Ash. I have been reading a lot of ideas. Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum. I guess I should have also mentioned she is spayed.

Thanks again!
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Don't worry about posting in the wrong place One of the mods will probably move it soon and like I said more people will come along with great ideas!
Please keep us updated! What is her name?
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im so sorry to hear this!! fin got out sunday night and we freaked out!!! luckily he didnt go far and we chased him into the garage.. his paws are all messed up from something so weve been cleaning them and putting oitment on them.... poor fin... hope she comes home soon!! im sure she'll be fine!
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I will be praying that you find your sweet furbaby.
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I just finished crawling under a few decks in the neighborhood and nothing.. Her name is Zoe and she is actually my wifes cat.. Needless to say my wife is flipping out.. I read to put some kitty litter outside so I put some by the door she must have gotten out of.. Im sure she will come back and we will find her. But not knowing anything at all is tough!
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I hope your Zoe-cat comes back. I would be flipping out if mine got loose.
Have you put food out for her?
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Thank you all again for your concern. Yes I have put food outside.. I put her litterbox outside and placed a trail of litter across our deck and down the stairs..

Thank you again!
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www.lost-pets.org also check the links page there are more helpful websites there. Good luck
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I read it in one of the posts and just wrote it off. "Make sure you check EVERYWHERE in your house." In the mist of calming my wife down I see little miss priss casually walk downstairs, sit and lick her lips while looking unimpressed and bored. I checked the entire house. Bedrooms, closets, basements. I have to put all my Christmas decorations away again! She hasnt used her box since last night. She always breaks it in after the change! Im as stumped as anyone, but im glad she is safe and back.. I thank everyone for their concern..

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Good to hear! Sneaky little things aren't they!? I am sure your wife is crying happy tears and yelling at her at the same time!
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Hehe silly little girl!
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