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Strange Behavior

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Hi, i'm new here i have noticed some strange behavior with my cat, and i read a lot about cat behavior online when i first got her and now once this strange behavior started and can't find much that helps me, i was hoping someone else out there would.

She's about maybe 14 monthes old and i've had her for about 7 of those, she was part of a litter of kittens who i discovered sleeping up against my water heater outside the winter before last, shortly after discovering them i found there ma ma cat (i assume anyway since there were no other cats hanging outside around this time) dead, and began to feed them there was one particularly brave one (the others wouldn't approach) that would come up close and get the food while i was still standing there, come spring they all disappeared then about 3 monthes later a stray that had all the same colors and furr paterns began sleeping on my porch throughout the day (i assume it's the same cat, as it was young and looks the same but i don't know how likely
that is) anyway i began feeding her and took her in, slowly domesticated her and had her spayed, deparisited etc. and she took to me really fast and she's been contect ever since.

That is till just a week or two ago she started acting weird. She's hiding under furniture constantly throughout the day, i walk into the same room with her and she immediatley ducks under furniture, she's abandoned her 4-6 favorite sleeping places and spends hours hiding....normally i would assume i did something to upset her however this is where it gets weird. she only acts this way during the day, at night she's her old self again around 11-midnight+ she stops hiding and begins to wander around rub up against me meow at me normal cat stuff, i've taken to observing her past the point i would usually go to bed and i find her always sitting in the middle of the living room just looking around, then i wake up in the morning and she's laying there sleeping. and her whole weird scared/hiding thing begins again sometime in the afternoon.

I'm not sure what's wrong with her but it's worrying me can anyone give me any ideas?

p.s. her names shade sorry
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WOW that sure is weird. I dont know enough about cats and their behaviour to help you. I can only suggest that something might have spooked her during the daytime hours at some point. I know you will get lots of help here soon as there are a lot of people who know a lot about cat behaviour.
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Welcome to TCS!How wonderful of you to rescue Shade!This is very interesting behavior. Has she been to the Vet recently for an exam just to rule out any possible health concerns? I'm sure one of our behavior experts will come along shortly with their great advice on the subject!
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Yeah i took her for her checkup only a month ago and everything was normal.

Today she's changed behavior just a bit, instead of hiding out under the living room furniture she's now running into my room to hide under my bed, don't know if that's significant or not :/
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