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4 precious ones

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I posted this morning about my cat possibly being in labor. Well, I left for work shortly after I posted. When I came home from work this afternoon, I had 4 new family members.

2 all white or so they seem and 2 that look like dairy cows (white with black spots) I am not sure of the sex of any of them, Momma is being very protective right now. I guess my question is how soon is too soon to pick them up without her rejected them? I cant wait! I am in love with 'em already! I wish I could post pics.
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Yay! I found that the best time to pick them up the first time was when I brought momma in some sliced deli turkey (spoiled? no, not her!), and she scarfed it up while I handled the babies.
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Congrats to you and your new babies
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thank you
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Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
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In my opinion, it is never too early to begin handling the babies, but there are conditions on that ... if your cat isn't the friendly type, for instance, a formal stray or feral who is shy of people in general, you may want to break into it very, very slowly.

On the other hand, if your girl is well-socialized and trusts you, then start handling the kittens right away. She will be interested in what you are doing, she might even be a little wary of it at first, but don't let her intimidate you unless she is really upset about it. Stay very close to the nest, don't EVER let her not see the kitten as you are handling it and only handle it for short periods of time at first. The kitten will scream it's bloody head off at first because kittens are born both deaf and blind - so take measures to ensure the baby's comfort when handling them. Don't pick them up and let them dangle ... keep all four feet on something solid. Scoop them up into the palm of your hand and then put them onto your chest close to your heart so they can feel the vibrations of your heartbeat and blow into their little faces gently so they can learn your scent.

Best of luck,

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Scratches is being such a good momma it is worrying me. I dont think she hasa been out of her "birthing tent" to use the litter box. She is eating and drinking because, those are close enough that all she has to do is poke her head out.
I have held all the babies now and she doesnt have a problem with it. I did make a mistake last night though, I told her I missed her. She is generally on my lap or ontop the monitor when I am on the computer. After I told her that she left the babies breifly. But since then she has stayed put. Will be posting pics soon I hope.
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