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Cat Spray :(

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Ok, I just got home from work today and it seams there is a cat in the neighbourhood that sprayed the only window my cat can get to (I live in a basement appartment).

Right now my cat Lightning is just constantly sniffing around the appartment. I can see the spray stain left on the window and I am going to pet valu asap to pick up something to clean that. Also look into getting a black light to try and find any other traces of spray. I am going to look for the feliway stuff.

Anything else that I can do to try and prevent this? I haven't seen the cat that sprayed and I really haven't seen any cats around the area. I have lived here for about 2 years.

I have been building a cat tree so Lightning can get to another window but I don't think that will stop the other cat from spraying that window once the tree is finished.

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Maybe if you also get some cat repellant to spray around your window he might stay away. I have heard that some people put moth balls outside when they want to keep cats out of their yard.
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I bought Hagen Outdoor Granular Repellent for dogs & cats to sprinkle outside of my windows. The pet valu store I went to suggested that I try this. Also I bought Enviro Fresh Get the Odor Out to spray on & around where the outside cat decided to spray. So hopefully that works. I'll let you guys know what the results are tomorrow if I would recomend these products for other people to use.

Hopefully this works on keeping the outside cats away (not sure if they are stray's) probably just neighbours outdoor/indoor cats.

Anyhow, i'll give my critique on the two products I bought later.
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