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Vet. Feline Specialists

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There may come a time when our cats have a medical problem that would be best treated by a veterinarian who specializes in cats only.

I did some research & found the "ABVP" (American Board of Veterinary Practitioners) and the "AAFP" (The American Assoc. of Feline Practioners).

The AAFP has vets who practice in my area.

Do you know anything about Feline Specialists. Any info you have would be helpful. Also, do you know of another Board or Association where I might find a top Vet?
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Thank you for asking.. I have been so wondering
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We have 2 cats only vets here in J-ville. I have not been to one of them because I just did not like the way they talked on the phone, and they were in a bad area. I took Scooter to be neutered at the other one, and was very happy with the way they acted, and the fact that Scooter did not seem as traumatized as my cats tht had been to a regular vet that handles all kinds of animals. They were very laid back, explained everything they would be doing, even though they knew he was not my only cat, and called me immediately when they were done, just to let me know he was ok, even though I could not pick him up until later in the day. She even introduced herself to him while I was still there, which seemed to make him a little anxious. I just really liked the whole vibe of the place. Hopefully, I will not need any vet services any time soon, but if I do, I will definitely go back to the Coastal Cat Clinic.
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I'm glad that I am not the only one wondering how we can find a "real" board certified cat specialist with extra feline training. Three years ago, I took Dexter, who has chronic scent gland problems, for a 2nd opinion about his treatment, to a vet who advertised that he specialized in cats. It turned out that he did not have extra feline care training, he had simply decided to treat only cats. I was not impressed with his knowledge or his practice but at least he was honest about his training...none, outside of regular vet school.

In case we ever need a second opinion or treatment that is out of the norm for a generalist vet...it would be useful to know of a national source, were we can turn, to find "a real cat specialist" in our local area.

Originally Posted by sharky
Thank you for asking.. I have been so wondering
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www.meowhoo.com look under Health-
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