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2 year old cat dragging butt along carpet???!!!

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Hi there, I'm new, but have been reading this site and it's so helpful!
My cat has been dragging her butt on the carpet lately. She's licking it a lot too and I can't see anything wrong with it. Has anyone had this problem?
My boyfriend is freaking out about it (we live together) because it's pretty gross (carpet smells where she drags it).

Should I take her to the vet?

She's also been puking up fur balls everyday for the past 4 days.
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Check the litter pan... is she constipated?? Check her butt...is it clean?? There are many reasons why she's dragging her butt. Those are the first 2 to come to mind. A trip to the vet may show some anal glands that need to be cleaned out.
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Is she wormed as well?
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I just had a similair problem with my 1 yr old cat - not the furrballs but the bottom dragging. She needed her anal glands cleaned out by the vet - they can get very uncomfortable and even rupture if left untreated.

Its a pretty simple job if you take her in now. It may be something else, for example worms - either way you need to take her in and check it out.

"scooting" is pretty horrific, not just for the cat - but especially when it happens while you are at the dinner table and look down to see the cat go trundling past on its behind... I can understand how your boyfriend feels, but the cat cant help it - its a sign of discomfort.

Ring your vet and let them know what she is doing, and I hope you all feel better soon!!
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Yes, this is not something that will take care of itself. Please schedule a visit with a vet clinic.

Say that you need your cat's anal glands expressed and get her checked for worms while you are at it. They will probably ask for a fecal sample for analysis but the vet will clarify what you need to bring when you schedule the appointment.
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A vet visit is always a good idea, because this type of behavior is as already stated, generally an anal problem or parasties. If your cat is long haired, it is also possible that some of those hairs get caught inside at times, driving her nuts. But more than likely it is parasites or anal sacs
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I agree with the above posts. I have a policy that I use with my 2 kitties. Better safe than sorry. When in doubt...see the vet. It's worth the money to get a correct diagnosis for your furbaby & could even save you money in the long run.
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i've also had them do this when a piece of stool gets stuck to them - but you'd see that, so probably a vet visit is imperative!
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