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Help me name my Kitten + links

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I just got a new gray and white stripped kitten and she needs a name. She is a little puffball who is laid back but loves to play with string. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I also thought I'd submit a couple of cool links:

I just bought a new Kitten video I saw advertised in Cat Fancy magazine, its called Kitten Kommotion. (Their Web site is http://www.kittenkommotion.com.) I thought others here might enjoy it as well. I liked the fact that they donate a percentage of the sales to animal shelters. I'm going to pick up another copy for my sister for the holidays. The video is a lot of fun for us cat fanatics.

I thought people here might enjoy this fat cat article:

Thanks in advance,
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Welcome on board - so nice that you have joined.
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It's nice to be in a community of other animal lovers.
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Welcome Karen!

Thanks for the links and welcome to the family!

Sorry I have no suggestions for a name, one will just come to you in time.
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Hi'Ya Karen :angel2:

Congrats on your new kitty!! Hmmm...a name for a grey and white striped kitty??? EEEEKS...Well, how about "Spot"...:LOL: J/K!!

A name escapes me for the moment...I'll have to think on it! :LOL:

I just adored that site! :LOL: I love Huckleberry! He reminds me so much of my MURPHY! OMG...Thanks for the link...I'll definitely buy one!!!

Nice to have you join us here and looking forward to your posts.

Love & Peace,
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Such a warm welcome! Thanks Cleo, Catarina.
If you like huckleberry, you'll like the video. He has great wrestling scenes.
My kitty looks a lot like "Tiger" from theKitten Kommotion video/Web site. Although I like the name "Spot"!

Please keep the names coming!
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How about Shadow or Fringe or Dust Muffin or Dusty or Paxil (for the laid back partof her)
Then there is always Stringer or Puddles or.........

oh I have to stop now
Good luck and post a pic of the babe when you can!
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I used to have a greay stripey cat named Dog. She followed me around, so it seemed to fit.

Tiger, Tigger or something like that is traditional.

One of our cats who looks like that is named Sparky, which is a good description of his personality.

But I think cats deserve quirky names, as much as possible, because they all have such distinct personalities and are such characters!
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Kitten names:

Kisa--Russian for "kitty"
Paka--Swahili for "pussycat"
Zelda--"grey battle-maiden"
Aponi--Native American-"butterfly"
Sanura--Swahili-"like a kitten"
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What about Spooner?!!!! I don't know why but I just love that name!!! Hmmm though I guess its kinda a boys name! I'll keep thinking.....

Oh, and nice to meet you!!
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OMG!! Karen, I just went back to your site and checked out the trailer clips!!! OMG! How adorable! I'm so glad I went back, I knew I had to get a couple for Christmas presents (one for me too!) So, so, cute!!

If any of you guys didn't check that out...please do, you'll just get such a kick out of those kitties.

I have a question for ya. Where were you taping them when they appeared in some sort of big bag? There was a greyish background...it was so cool! By the way, did you tape it yourself? I just loved everything about it.

I'm tellin' ya, you have a couple in there that look like my Murphy and my Opie too All of them were so beautiful and healthy looking. What a good Mommy you are

Oh, and did you ever decide on a name???

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Drats I can't the preview to download and play. I have quicktime and everything

Hi Karen

Welcome aboard! I'm kinda new here myself and I love it; great people here:girly2:

This is going to sound strange, but just wait a few days; your kitty will name herself; all of a sudden a name will pop into your head and it will be purrrfect:kitty5:

Hope we get to see some pictures of your new kitty baby!
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:tounge2: Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. We just got back from a trip to Florida. We saw Ernest Hemingway's house were they about 70 cats!

Well it really wasn't easy. Thanks to everyone for such great ideas. All of the names were great - which is why it was so hard in the first place.
I really liked Alexnell's suggested name - Paka since my friend is Kenyan and teaching me bits of Swahili. So Paka it is!

Catarinina77777, about the video - it isn't mine. I just bought a couple for me and as presents. So I can't answer about how it was filmed. You can write the people though, the are friendly and clearly love animals too.

Thanks a ton for the help!!!
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Do you have pictures of her?
We loooove kitty pictures!
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I love that name Hmmmm...I still like "Spot" though...,J/K! hahaha! :laughing2 I hope to see her pics soon

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