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Hi'ya :angel2:'s
I was surfin' throught the channels and although I'm not one of those homemakers like the infamous Martha Stewart; I saw her have a really fun project/toy for kitties.

She along with her guest were making a treat out of catnip and non-toxic bubbles that you can buy at the pet store, Target, Walmart..etc.. They soaked the catnip in the bubble mixture for two days...then, strained the bubbles mixture so no catnip residue was leftover and then started blowing bubbles with the little wand that you get with the bubble mixture. It was so cute! The little kitties were all playing together and although I really didn't get a chance to see how it affected them from my understanding cats/kittens either like it and others could care less about catnip. Personally, I only have one cat that really doesn't care about it and that's Opie :laughing2 My others love it

Just something I thought I'd make and see how it went over with the kitties...perhaps you'd like to try it too. :bubbly:

Love & Peace,
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Ok, I know a lot people don't like her. But I love Martha Stewart!! I watch her show, and think she has some great ideas. I guess since I am a stay at home mom, I like having different ideas of things to do to keep busy. I really enjoy her and she can be a domestic godsend!!:tounge2:
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To be quite honest, I don't know her! I just know that she's a famous lady that knows alot about homemaking, which is really quite an art in itself if ya think about it.

I'm not that much of a homey person, but I do like crafts and I enjoy quiet time. That's when I find those things so intrinsicly rewarding. Otherwise I'd be bored to death!!! :LOL:

Love ya,
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OKay, so I love Martha too, not like "In Love", but, well, you know what I mean... The only problem is that unless you have your own TV show and Magazine and website making tons O' cash, then you really can't afford to do much of what she does... but damn what I wouldn't give for her kitchen!!! It's a good thing

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Ken, I think we all get the general idea of what you mean. We were not born yesterday.
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I like Martha's ideas and everything, but I get the feeling she is a bit anal-retentive. Last Spring in the newspaper she posted her Spring Cleaning Tips. Boy were they thourough! I mean, cleaning the cleaning products? Come on!

A few weeks ago I caught her show on House and Garden TV where she was making Duvet covers out of sheets, and also had some other handy ideas for Duvets. This will come on really handy later on when I need a new Duvet cover, because those things are expensive to buy! $75 average for a lousy envelope of cloth!
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She does have some good ideas, however everyime I watch her now all I can think is that the only reason she has time to do all these crafty things is because she's paying someone to clean her house and run her errands!! With my schedule, I think I will just keep paying for the ready made catnip bubbles...LOL
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:laughing2 :laughing2...She, really does have a great kitchen!!! :laughing2...:laughing2

I never watch her, just happened to flip through, she seems nice enough...??? But then she was makin' this stuff that looked incredible!!! That's when she pulled the ol' catnip and bubbles trick! :laughing2 I figured I couldn't screw that one up! :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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I think she has perfect New England taste. I love her decorating style, though I tend more to carpeting and clutter and books. I don't think her life is perfect (there has to be a reason her marriage didn't work out) and I suspect she is not a pleasant woman to work for. I don't know if she is unkind exactly, but I'm sure she is perfectionist and a demanding taskmaster. And she is amazing business mind, if you think about it.

I get the magazine, because it is the best fantasy material on the market. Oh, to make those paper thin leaf cookies that you cool on paper towel rolls for a natural shape! Ah, the homey comfort of freshly washed and ironed 100% sheets stored with real lavendar. Everything clean and orderly and in its place.

This has absolutely nothing to do with real life in my world, and it's probably rather sterile. But for a few moments I am transported to a place that is everything my home isn't, and it's worth the $6 to me as much as the weekly lottery ticket is worth it to hubby.
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I alway thought of Martha as being anal too, until one night I saw her on a talk show. I dont remember who the host was, but they were drinkng 40 ouncers!
Martha loosened up real quick, and was a riot!

She does tend to be a little too "fancy shmancy" for most of us (me included) but I like her, and a lot of what she does is really useful, or just plain fun! :laughing2:
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YOu guys are so right. She is definitly " interesting" isn't she?? But I like watching her especially in the cooking dept. She has great recipes I think.
My mom says that she has hundreds of people who work for her though, and thats why she makes it look so easy!!!!!
Oh well, back to my normal life now!
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