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Middle Age Cat - Gulping/Swallowing/Hiccups

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I am new to the group. My Cat Elmo is 8 years old. Recently, like the last couple of months, he has starting to do allot of hard swallowing or gulping, I guess this is the best way to describe it.

I usually notice it when he lies on me while I am watching TV. He will lie on my stomach, he will purr, and then he will start gulping at 4-5 second intervals. This could go on for a hour! Its almost like he has the hiccups but there is no noise. And it always happens when he lies on me so I don't think it is the hiccups (not sure if cats even get the hiccups) It isn't a hairball thing because he has always had hairballs and I have seen that many times and it is a different behaviour. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance
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I've seen that happen when the cat has problems with their mouths - some type of gum inflamation, tooth abcess, etc. Their throat is slightly swollen and they swallow multiple times because it is uncomfortable.

I would take Elmo to a vet and have him do a full oral exam. Oftentimes it is simple to treat with antibiotics and/or steroids.

Good luck!
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Yes, I would recommend having him looked at by a vet. The symptoms you described could be caused by a whole bunch of different things.
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Time for a vet visit!

It could be a bunch of stuff, but most of the possibilities are treatable with antibiotics or medicine so hopefully it is a straight forward situation and your cat can be back to normal within a week.

Good luck!
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