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I loss my bestfriend!

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Hello. My name is Missy. I am from Maryland. About a year ago I bought a cat from a pet store now mind you I'm not one for buying an animal at a pet store but there was something about this kitten that I knew I had to take it home. She was the best cat ever. She never hurt anyone. She was very playful, she slept on a pillow in my bed next to me, she followed me everywhere I went. When I had twins 7 mths ago she never bothered them she was actually protective of them, she played with my chiuaua or however it is you spell it. Well about a week and a half ago I noticed changes in her appetite, her behavior, her moods. Well just this past saturday I noticed that I haven't had to changer her litter box in 2 wks it was clean. After my mothers day extravaganza I came home and noticed that she was walking kind of funny she ran under the bed and I noticed she had been going to the potty under my bed. I got her out and brang her to a quiet place to take a look at her when I picked her up all I felt was skin and bones not to mention she couldn't use her hind legs at all but had full strength in her front legs it was almost like she was paralized. When I got her into the quiet place i held her in my arms and she urinated on me. I knew at that point I needed to get her to a vet fast. I took her to a 24hr emergency hospital and they checked her out they gave her this one test for feline lukima it was negative. The vet wanted to test her for FIP which he said sneaks up on a cat and there is no real test to determine if it was or not but he recommeded a blood test and a full check up. I took her home so I could take her to her regular vet today. I went out and I spend almost 40 on food and a new bowl and vitamins for her because the emergency vet said she only weighed 5lbs 6oz. Around 10pm on Monday evening I went to bring her inside because I thought if she is going to go i'll put her in her favorite spot which is on the deck but it was getting cold so i wanted her inside I picked her up put her on the floor in my dining room and went back out to get her bed she still couldn't walk everytime she tried she just fell over to the left. I picked her up and put her back in her bed and she got diaherra but it had a lot of blood in it. So I took her back to the emergency vet where I asked them to please put her asleep I don't want her to suffer any more. I cried like anything because she is the only animal that I have had a bond like that with. But I still never found out what was wrong with her a friend of mine bought her cat from the same litter I did and her cat died about OCT of last year. Any one have a suggestions or ideas.

~Missing my Bambi~
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I am sorry that you and your cat had to go through this, but pet stores are notorious for buying kittens and puppies from mills. If that is indeed where this cat came from, she was probably never vet checked, not fed correctly and lived in deplorable conditions until she was sold to the pet store.

I am moving this thread to crossing the bridge-
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I am very sorry for your loss of Missy.
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Missy, I am so sorry for your loss of Bambi . It is always very difficult losing a loved one, whether they're the human or feline kind. She is at the Bridge now , running and free of pain. I know she is purring and smiling down on you, knowing how much she was loved and will be missed.
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My Heart goes out to you, Bambi is now at Rainbow Bridge, It's alway's so hard to loose a furbabie, you are in my Thoughts and Prayers
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My heart goes out to you! I had to make that horrible decision for my sweet Bud in January. It is very diffulcult but try to look at it as you ended her pain and she is whole now, waiting for you at the Bridge.
RIP sweet baby!
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Missy My heart is with you.. so sorry for Bamby.....my thoughts with you..
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I am sorry for your loss of Bambi, my thoughts are with you during this hard time. Know that she is waiting for you at the bridge. RIP Bambi.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Bambi.
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My condolences to you and your family, Missy! You did a courageous act, loving Bambi enough to release her from her suffering although you knew that by ending her pain, you would beginning yours. I do believe in these situations that, indeed, "true love is letting go". I hope that your heart heals soon and that you will once again have the joy of a cat in your life. Meanwhile, I have lit candles in the window, to let Bambi (and King Arthur of the next post) know that we at TCS are here for her mewommy. Hugs, Susan
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I'm sorry to hear about Bambi, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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