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New cat??

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Thank you to all that repelled to my last thread about adopting a Siamese from the pound. Sorry I never got back to you all but THANK YOU.

So for those of you that don’t know I was debating on adopting Siamese “apple head†from the pound. Supposedly he is a pure breed and I thought he was a more relaxed and a very timid cat, OH the contrary.

At first he just chilled and relaxed, turned out he had upper respiratory and I nursed him and spoiled him back to health. It turns out I think he hates me some times. Sometimes when I am walking toward him and he is standing he arches his back and starts hopping toward me with tail puffed and all. He constantly bites me except for when I come home and when we wake up he is all love. As the day goes on he gets these crazy spurts and goes absolutely nuts. His new thing is sleeping in the sink and I am all right with that, but when I go to pet and kiss him he leaves about twenty seconds afterward. Another thing, when he is sitting on the floor I go and lay down next to him and he gets up and leaves. HEY I don’t smell so that out of the question. Aside form that I have owned one cat that we just put down after fifteen years I grew up with the little guy and he was the best. I know how to take care of them but this guy just wont give in. Any comments or suggestions on how to make this little guy like me. Thanks for hearing my anecdote.
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Yup, that sounds like a Siamese alright. Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a Meezer. LOL Just give it time. Siamese are among the most loyal, most closely-bonding, most loving cats there are. Be patient.
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