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Behavior change in adult cat. HELP :(

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I've had my cat Manixx now since I was about 5 years old. In fact, we got him for my 5th birthday. Well, I'm 18 now, so that's 13 years we've had him. He's always been healthy, and has generally acted the same for the entire span of time we've had him.

Recently, he's been avoiding my room like the plague. And meowing. He won't meowing at me. Usually when he does it, it means he needs food, water, or a litter box change. I get him what he needs and he's fine. And most times, he'll lead me right to the litter box or food dish. Now that he's meowing, I'll try to see if he'll "lead" me to the problem, and he simply goes outside of my room.

My room is in the basement, and he's been sleeping in the same spot for about 4-5 months now, until recently. He'll still come into my room, but he seems a lot more anxious than normal (he has always been pretty jumpy and on edge, but not like this). He's been spending a lot more time upstairs, which is odd for him, since it seems like there's usually too much happening up there for him.

I'm trying to think of anything that might have changed recently. I had a stationary exercise bike put in my room and suspected that at first. I moved it into a closet in my room, but nothing has changed. The only other changes I can think of is the weather (not sure if that affects cats, or why he'd just avoid my room because of it) and that I'm on some new medications. Maybe it seems out there to assume the medication is changing my smell? Or he notices a change in behavior? I'm running out of possibilities, since we've had him for 13 years and he's never had a behavior change like this.

He's still a healthy, inside cat. He eats plenty, is drinking his water, and using his litter box. He hasn't lost any weight, and I've looked at him for any hair loss or lumps or anything else that might serve as a health problem.

I'm getting so frustrated and nervous for him, and I just hope he's alright. Any advice you can give I'd appreciate.

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Any time you have a change in normal behavior in cats, especially a geriatric cat, you should have the vet take a look-see as well as draw both blood and urine for lab analysis.

Take him in and let us know what the vet says.
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He may *seem* to be in perfect health, and may actually not be. As Gaye says get him to the vet and ask them to run a senior panel on him-
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I'm probably scheduling an appointment for the vet on Thursday. I wish there was something like an "Ask-a-Nurse" hotline, but for pets.

The only reason why I'm delaying getting him into the vet is because the only real behavior change I'm noticing is that he's avoiding my room. He comes in now and then to eat and use the bathroom. (However, the other day while I was still sleeping, he peed upstairs.) Its like he refuses to come into my room if I'm sleeping and meows constantly because of it -- probably to try and get my attention. And if I am awake, he tries to avoid my room as much as possible. If he's upstairs, he's perfectly fine.

I'm trying to find out what might be the cause of him avoiding my room. I've moved that stationary exercise bike, I've tried turning off my space heater, thinking it might be too hot. And I've even opened the make-shift door I have to my room (basically a blanket hung up, which he normally has no problem going through). I just did that earlier this afternoon, and he's lying down directly outside my room. I can't of anything else in my room that may have changed.

Anyway, I suppose its better safe than sorry, and I should get him to a vet. I'll admit its been a long time since he's seen a vet (always an indoor cat, always very healthy), so I'm not sure how much a regular check up or lab tests cost. Any ballpark figures I can expect to see?
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First, take him to the vet - better safe than sorry!

Second... just a list of questions to think about...

Is the medication you're taking causing you to snore (when maybe you didn't snore before)?

Possible you have a mouse or rat that got in and is running around?

Did he seem scared of the stationary bike when you first got it? Maybe move it out of your room and let him SEE you've moved it out.

Did you change using cleaning products or start using carpet deodorizer recently?
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