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Cat Grass Critic

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This is what my kitten Kiri thinks of the cat grass I planted for her. She stuck her paw in, scooped it out and curled up to sleep on it! :laughing:
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That is too cute & too funny!!!! By the way, your Kiri looks like she might have some Russian Blue in her.
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Oh Melissa, thats priceless!

She's quite a character, and way too cute!
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I love seeing all your pics! Thanks for posting them.

she's so precious!
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My cat Mollie Rose LOVES kitty grass. I bought the seeds and potting soil and grew my own. She's the only one out of my 7 (oops) six cats that actually eats it.
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Well I guess that was a hint that she needs a pillow. Thank god my Loki only pushed the pot over but dosen't dig it out!!
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Shes defintely got a lot of personality. Its her way or no way shes a feisty little one She kinda does look a little like a Russian Blue doesn't she? thanks for the compliments
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Just an idea...I've had great response by using barley seeds...the boys seem to love it.
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thanks for the tip I get the feeling Kiri would rather use the grass as a nice soft bed than eat it. Maybe if I plant a big tray of it she'll treat it like her own personal meadow to play in
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Cute pic. Where does one buy kitty grass seeds? No laughing now if this is a silly question!
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I just bought a little kit at the petstore. All I had to do was dump in some water and put it in a sunny spot, and voila, grass in a few days
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Thanks Melissa - pet store, here I come!
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You can also just buy the seeds alone instead of the kit at the pet store and you can plant them yourself - It's cheaper and get's the same results.
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