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Isabell's babies

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Quick question. Isabell is a cat I rescued when my tenants moved out of my rental and left her behind with 4 babies. They are three weeks old today. Three of the kittens are growing like bad weeds the runt is another story. He is one third the size of the other babies, but seems to be developing at the same rate as the others. He seems to be eating but I am just concerned because he isn't growing as fast as the others, do I need to supplement him with a couple of bottle feedings? By the mom is not pushing him away.

Dozen2 Luz
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Well, I am certainly NO expert, but my "runt's" story is similar. She was born only .5 ounces less than the rest (at 3 ounces), but by 3 weeks, most of the others had doubled their birth weight, and she was only 5 ounces. A good 1 ounce less than the "next-smallest". She was "skinny" and her fur didn't seem like the others', BUT she was the second (out of 8) to open her eyes and developmentally she was on-track with the rest.

Things have changed dramatically this week. (They are 4 weeks old.) Since she discovered "food" I actually didn't recognize her after two days of eating canned food several times a day. I haven't weighed them, but she is really gaining.

I would go with your instinct. My instinct was that my kitty was developmentally on track. If you are worried in ANY fashion, please call the vet. I'll bet they get these questions all the time!!
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I think Kluchetta is right about going with your instinct. As I am fond of saying ... If you THINK something is wrong, it probably is.
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Isabell must have known I was worrying about the little one, who's name is Izzy. This morning when I went in to check on her she had Izzy all be himself and was feeding him. He heard me come in and he wobbled to the front of their cage and started yelling for me to pick him up, he had a full belly and was happy. I worry because he is so much smaller and yes thinner but hopefully he'll make up for this when they start to eat kitten food. Thank you guys for your kind words and I'll trust Isabell that she will let me know if she needs help with him. It has been a very long time since there has been tiny babies in our house.

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