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I ran out of food for my Cat....

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My mom is off on a bussiness trip for work and wont be back for a few days....The bad part is I ran out of cat food...What can I feed my cats for a few days until I get some new food?
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Don't you have a neighbor that can buy food for your cat? You really can't give your cat a lot of human food without having problems with digestive upset and diarrhea-
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maybe you have a relative that lives nearby that you can call? is there a store nearby wehre you might be able to buy something? Do you have a friend whos mother or father could get you some cat food? If you arent old enough to go to the store by yourself you probably shouldnt be left alone by yourself O_O unless you live too far out and cant drive yet... Um.. you could always try something like chicken? If you dont know how to cook it in the oven, you can put it in the microwave for about five minutes and it will get cooked ( cover it with a paper towel or some wax paper though because it will pop) and then let it cool a bit and cut it into tiny peices an dyou can feed your cat that, mabye with some rice or something(cooked rice). O_O avoid hamburger because its probably not as chewy and probably is too fatty... If you really don thave anyone to call close by why dont you try calling your mom? Or can you not contact her? My mom went to chicago on a business trip for 2 days and she gave me the number of her hotel. Your mom should hopefully have left a hotel number with you at least O_O or maybe she has a cellphone?
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In a real emergency you can give tinned tuna in some plain boiled (without salt) rice, but it is not good for more than a day as it is very rich. Egg yolks (not whites) beaten in a little plain yoghurt are OK too. But nothing takes the place of proper cat food for very long. Or as suggested, plain cooked chicken or white fish without bones.
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If you have a store close by that you frequent you could go up there and speak to the manager or someone else in charge and ask if your mom can pay by credit card/ debit card over the phone. If you explain the situation to them there's a chance they may help. They have the ability to manually enter the credit card/ debit card number. (that is, if your Mom has a card).
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