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How much can cat food change personality?

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Not sure which forum this belongs it, but it's mostly about behaviour, so, behaviour forum it is!

Okay, Willow's normally a quiet, laid-back kind of cat who doesn't really care too much for human attention. Bug her too much, and you'll lose a finger. Pet her once or twice a day, and she might arch her back for you. The only time she'll run is when she gets a case of the zoomies or Buffy (the other cat) is cruelly chasing her

Okay, so a couple of months ago (March 5th, to be exact), I moved Buffy and Willow over to Royal Canin (indoor formula). Willow seems to have changed completely. Before I got Royal Canin, I'd never heard Willow meow before, only growl and "mreowl" when she's mad at me. After getting RC, I've heard her meow 3 times! 2 of the times were when she was sort of calling out, as if she was looking for somebody. If you went looking for her, you'd find her in the kitchen or the hallway or something, and she'd stop right after she saw you looking at her. In all 3 instances, I thought it was Buffy calling because for one thing, Buffy's the talker of the family, and for another, Willow sounds almost identical to Buffy (thought since I'm hearing it more often, I'm noticing a sort of deeper, hard-to-notice rasping in Willow's meow). Willow was meowing just a few minutes ago, and I thought it was Buffy meowing at the window (I can't see her from the computer, since a bookshelf is blocking my view of the window). Turns out it was Willow, who was meowing as she was walking towards me. Also, in each of the 3 instances (or maybe it was 4, since I'm sure she's meowed without me there), the volume got louder each time. The first time it was so soft that I couldn't hear it but my sister could. 2nd time was a bit louder that I could hear it. 3rd time (a few minutes ago) was loud enough that I could hear it over my headphones. Before we got Royal Canin, Willow had meowed maybe 2 times, both time without me hearing it (one time being when she'd gotten outside for 3 days and was calling outside the door, and my mom was the only one who'd heard it).

Can food change a cat's personality that much? Before RC, she was on Nutro Natural Choice and then Natural Balance (and junk foods like Whiskas and Friskies before them). Personally I'm glad to finally be hearing Willow's voice. It's kinda pretty
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I am not sure but I would suspect somethings not agreeing with her...
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