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Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Baby.

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Sad, but heartwarming, story. . .
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How can do it!!! this people!!!! Poor Baby! God Bless that Dog!
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Take a look.. somewhat of a miracle.

Click Here To read
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What a wonderful dog, how can ya not love em!
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I read this at work, while I was having a poopy day. It made my day better.
What a wonderful dog. I hope she and her puppies were taken in somewhere and given a home.
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Wow!! Amazing Dog! And what a little fighter that baby is!!!
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Wow that is a great story!! Thanks for sharing that! WHat a sweet looking doggie too!
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Oh my gosh that dog is an Angel herself! Oh I wanna give that doggie some love and treats! What a smart dog!
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Cool Dog.
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Amazing dog, lovely baby, evil parents who abandoned her!
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Cool dog. She saved the baby but lost all her own pups.
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What a heartwarming story That dog deserves a medal of honor! That poor baby's parents, on the other hand.....
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I can only hope that both the baby and the dog now find good, loving homes. Wouldn't it be cool if they could stay together?
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What a touching story! That doggy is a hero! How wonderful this little baby will soon be in a home with her new loving family!
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oh my goodness! I'm just finding this thread and story! I'd say the name "Angel" more suits the dog, as it was an Angel for saving that baby's life!!! What a lucky baby!!!

Amazing story!
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