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Kitten has possible kidney trouble

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Our 5 month old British Short hair female has been drinking alot and peeing alot so we took her to the vet. he examined her and said she looked healthy but we asked him to do a blood test just to be safe. the blood work has come back with elevated levels relating to her kidneys Thevet says their is two things it could be. One is the end of an infection (temp was normal) or congenital defect. Anyone eles have this? She is on a drip and antibiotics over night and they will retest her tomorrow to see if flushing her kidneys has helped but just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? As you can imagine we are very upset. The waiting is terrible. I miss my kitten.
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and :prayers: for your baby..
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I know that you are upset and you miss your kitten. But she is in the best possible place and in what sounds like good hands. Hopefully after the retesting, there will be better news and you can go from there-
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I have sites I can refer you to once you are know what you are dealing with...hoping you will have good news tomorrow.
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Thanks everyone. We hope yo know something this afternoon. I will keep you all informed. I just hate putting her through all this at such a young age.
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Just rang the vet and got some very good news. It turns out the new blood machine was faulty and her vlood work was fine after all. What a relief! They said they tried to call last night but couldnt get through. Just glad I finally called them because I could still be sitting her worrying They want to get a urine sample but they dont expect to find anything wrong as her bloodwork is fine.
Thanks for all the support.
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Wonderful news!!
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I am so glad
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What wonderful news! You must feel like celebrating!!!
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