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Kanga won't stop licking boxes!!

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It doesn't bother me as I see it as a nervous twitch or something. I go over and pick him up and give him snuggles. But it really bothers Darrell.

Any ideas why he's doing it? It only started when we started moving and now we're settled in Darrell's mom's house (who has one partially handicapped cat) and he still does it.

Could he still be upset about the move? It was his first. We've been in this place Since April 1st and it's now May 9th.
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We are having a similar problem with box licking - long, vigerous and loud licking of any cardboard box. There is no obvious stress in his life but he is prone to urine infection and is on Science Diet CD. Could this be a nutritional deficiency of some sort?
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Got me, I have no idea. Kanga still does it though. We feed them Science Diet as well but I feed them Senior and the low fat one.... for each their own. We're thinking of changing their food back to Iams - against my better judgement - only because apparently their new formula helps "big cats lose weight and skinny cats build muscle". Roo, although has lost ten pounds, can't seem to go below 16 pounds. He's kinda in a limbo. So I dunno, I don't want to go to Iams at all but hubby is suggesting it.
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Maybe it tastes good or they like the sound.
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Is he licking the boxes, or the places where the packaging tape was/is? I posted this once before... after being puzzled by my own cat's love for tape, I did a little research and discovered that packaging tape is often made with beef tallow-- which kitties can taste!
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My cat Mew also likes to lick tape and plastic bags. Loud, continuous licking for as long as you'll let her do it. I have no idea why, and I also find it annoying because of the sound. But, it's a quirk she's had since kittenhood, and I have come to the conclusion that either she just likes the taste/texture or she's trying to get my attention, or both.

If it bothers Darrell so much, why don't you just put all the boxes in one room or a closet and close it off? No access = no licking.
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