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How will I know if Pansy needs spaying?

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Still awaiting the admin's go-ahead for Pansy's page. In the meantime, as we don't know if Pansy needs spaying we would appreciate your help. We've never had a lady cat before and don't know what the signs of going on heat are. If you could give me some pointers to look out for, then I can take her in to be spayed if necessary.

Many thanks.
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how old is she? my vet will spay at 5 months.
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Trust me...if she's in heat you'll KNOW it! LOL Usually heat includes incessant yowling, rolling around on the floor/ground, "presenting" herself to anyone and anything possible.

Usually vets can check for a spay scar to see for sure if she's been done with a bit of a shave. (Didn't Pansy have to be partially shaved for mats? Or am I getting confused?) I've only heard a few times when they actually go in for spaying and find that it's already been done.
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If she is old enough, she needs to be spayed. You don't have to wait for the first heat.
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Read Pansy's story here. Not sure how to refer to her, not exactly a stray, I guess a "neglected" cat by her "owner " would cover it. She's five years old? She must be spayed, she would've had kittens at some point in that time and surely the vet could tell. I know you had her shaved/clipped, but don't I remember somewhere that there are two methods to spay, from the belly and from the side? Seems like she'd have to be shaved awful close to see a spay scar, though. But like valanhb said, if she were to go in heat, you'd know!
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If a cat is in heat, you would DEFINITELY know something is up.

It would be like saying "I live on the coastline, it is raining like crazy, winds are blowing 100 mph, people are boarding up their windows...is it possible I am experiencing a hurricane?" because the symptoms would be so clear.

Even though I rescued Nano as a stray, she had already been spayed so it is not that weird for homeless animals to be S/N. One instructor at the clinic said it looked like she had been treated during a low-cost/public S/N campaign (???), so maybe she was someone's successful TNR project when she was on the streets.

Anyway, don't delay -- go ahead and confirm she is spayed with a vet.
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Many thanks. Yes, her tummy has been shaved - I can't see a scar so I'll watch out for 'on heat' signs. How often do they occur? She's very fragile, with the tremor and how she walks so I'm just hoping like mad she has been done so she won't have to go under anaesthetic as the vet said he wasn't keen to put her under.

We don't know her age for sure, as she has so few teeth. The vet also said he wasn't able to see if she'd been spayed. However, that was Lincoln Cat Care's vet and we want to introduce her to Jack's vet and get her registered there, so that'll be an ideal opportunity to have her checked over again.

Well, Pansy's Page was finally approved but the wrong pictures (some other cat has a picture of Jack and Pansy on their page!) were up so I've had to redo it and wait for approval again! We'll get there soon ...

Thanks again for the help.
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she would have most likely come in heat by now as its spring and smack in the middle of kitten season.

i'm guessing she has been spayed.
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I think - having read Pansy's story - that you might well have heard her if she'd been in heat by now. Cats really do suffer in heat and they yowl (You should hear a Siamese Queen in heat!!) and act very affectionate and drag their little butts around. Trust me, you'd KNOW, lol
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mine would sit on the floor, with their behinds poking out. also, if you rub them along the spine near the tail, they poke 'em out even more! their little slits also look slightly swollen, but on a long hair that would be hard to detect!
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