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Extremely Worried

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My cat had kittens almost two weeks ago. She had them in a box in my closet they all seemed healthy. Last week she moved them to my oldest sons room that was ok I guess. Then today I go to check on them and one kitten is gone They are not old enough to get out of the box and my husband and I have looked everywhere. What do I do? What could have happened to the kitten? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
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Is it possible she started moving them to a third location?
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It sounds harsh but sometimes if a kitten is sick or dies accidentally the mom will get rid of it, either by eating it or taking it far from the nest. This keeps predators away.
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my cat did that in her last litter what i had to do was igrone her but watch carefully after about 30 mins i notice she keep going in my larder and she hide it in there
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