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Chuckie's not feeling well

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He has a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon at 3:15 (e.t.)

Poor Chuckie, his bowels have been upset since yesterday...very smelly and some stuck in his fur but when I try to clean him he yells and acts like he's very sore back there. He was scooting his butt all over yesterday and left lots of stinky stuff on the floor...upstairs and down.

I don't think he ate much yesterday and today he hasn't eaten yet. He acted like he wanted his breakfast but when he smelled it he just couldn't eat it, plus he's been laying mainly under a bed which he doesn't really do.

I'll have to try to at least get him to drink some water, I'm worrying he may get dehydrated.
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Chuckie seems to be feeling better this morning. He's not hiding and he ate some breakfast!
He used the litter last night and his bowels are better too.

If he keeps improving should I still have him checked?
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I am glad he is doing better, but I still vote for a vet trip.
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Thanks Tracey. I did take him to the vet.
Chuckie was feeling a little better today, he ate a little food and is staying out from under the bed....though he still smells pretty bad!
He had a fever at the vet and was given some antibiotics, luckily I got the liquid form...still isn't easy to get him to take it but it's much easier than pills! Hopefully he'll be back to his normal self soon.
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I'm glad Chuckie is doing better. I'm sending him lots of "get well" vibes.
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Get well vibes coming Chuckie's way!
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Thanks for the vibes Tina and Tracey they've really helped!!
Chuckie is doing so much better today, eating his usual amounts and is acting more like himself! He just don't like his medicine very much!
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I'm just now finding this thread---I am SOOO glad that Chuckie is feeling better!!! Please keep us updated!!!

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Lots of loves from me and the kids for Chuckie Diane*scritchies* !!
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I'm sorry your Chucky hasn't feeling well. Sending tons of *Good Vibes* for him!
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Thanks Lacey, Sandra and Rita!
Chuckie seems completely back to normal! I think he has 2 more days of the medicine left...did ya ever notice it's so much harder to give them medicine when they are feeling better?
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