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Do you have cat allergies

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I'm just curious how many people with cats have allergies. If you do, please mention if its the itchy-eye variety, or the breathing trouble type, and what you do about it.

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Breathing trouble and itchy eye! I take over the counter (generic) claritan.
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It depends on the cat that I am allergic to. I usually get swollen eyes, runny nose/sneezing, sore throat, and sometimes hives where their nose touches me. I take a pill everyday for it.. I forget what its called.. Aeris or something similar.. that pretty much keeps it under control.

My mother is alergic to certain cats, only cats with dander. They can send her to the hospital because she has severe asthma.. luckily our cats are dander free.
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Mine used to be severe,eyes, breathing all of it. But now that I have so many in the house, I get a sneezing attack once in a while. I take over the counter stuff, and will be getting a new precrip soon.
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Thank god for the generic Claritan or I would never survive.
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Originally Posted by Petnurse2265
Thank god for the generic Claritan or I would never survive.
ditto and my pumicort
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I do not have any allergies but my husband does. He seems to react more to some cats than others. However he was at this one persons house and he didn't even know they had a cat untill the cat walked in the room. Then he played with the cat and had no problem. He asked and found out that they bathe the cat regularly and she is brushed every day because one of the owners is allergic. He gets sneezy with red eyes some even with the zyrtec he takes. I don't believe it was prescribed for the cat allergies though. Hopefully the same thing will work for our kitties.....but he's a proud papa so I'll bet he'll find a way.
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I have always had severe seasonal friends called me the Kleenex kid. I have been on asthma medication since I was 9. I am still on two asthma meds and take allergy meds daily.
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when the outdoor allergies are bothering me the most I get sensitive to the cat hairs, and expecially when they are shedding alot I get itchynose-watery eyes. ... WHen I brush them I get that too because our brush doesnt grab all the hairs some get flown around in the air XD Right now I dont have any allergies btu probably later I will get some, most likely after we cut the grass and when the flowers bloom :P bleh pollen.
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Me too! Mostly breathing but sometimes eyes as well. Has anyone tried Ana-Pet? Apparently it works wonders for dander type allergies.

Also, I notice that I have more of a tolerance for my cats than others. Does anyone else notice the same thing?
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Yes, any cat that I spend quite a bit of time with (my cats or the clinic cats at work) I have less problems with than if a cat comes in to be treated and I happen to touch my eyes afterword.
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I have allergies from cats... I get itchy eyes, nose, throat and ears...

I take capsules of Bee Pollen and it works EVERY time, within 15 minutes...(try a half a tablet to make sure you arent allergic to the bee pollen! lol) Oh, and DO NOT inhale bee pollen, NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

For immediate relief for my eyes, I use homeopathic eye drops and they are VERY soothing... Either Boiron or Similasan brand...

Hope it helps!
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I'm usually okay with one or two short-haired cats (we currently have Jamie, and a part-time cat, ZsaZsa, who spends at least 4 hours a day here, generally in the laundry room), as long as I vacuum every day. We don't have much in the way of rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture, etc., in the house, have air filters upstairs and down, and all bed linens, throw blankets, etc., are washed at least once a week (more often twice). Otherwise I have asthma attacks, and have to use an inhaler.
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I don't really understand my allergies, but perhaps I'm not alone. With my previous cat, Sophie, who had thick fur I would sneeze and my eyes would itch. I got Burmese kittens this time as I'd heard that they were low allergy and they are about as short haired as you can get. This time I ended up at the doctors as my breathing and wheezing got much worse and I was having to use an reliever inhaler about 5 times a day. He's put me on a preventative and it's much better now. But no sneezing with the Burmese!

We also got Raffles, a tabby and white, who I don't seem to have any reaction to at all. So it appears that I can have different allergies to different cats.

Oh yes, I have to be careful about my eyes, as well. If I touch any cat, then touch my eye it swells up and itches horribly. Sophie once sneezed when she was lying on my bed, close to my head. Some of the sneeze went into my eye; I had a reaction and looked if I'd been beaten up for about three days.
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I said moderate, but cat's do give me asthma attacks. I have to take Singulair and Claritin and keep my Albuterol on hand just in case. But my asthma isn't severe and I've never gotten past the yellow zone. The meds help so much, its unbelievable.
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Yep, believe it or not, I do. My doctor says he would bet I have cat hair in my lungs! LOL
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