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PBM like pizza?
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does the person below me like to go fishing?
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I've never been, but I have no desire to either

PBM like lemonade?
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PBM like lasagna?
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the person below me has spent over an hour at TCS today
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Yesterday, yes! Today, not yet!

PBM like pancakes?
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yes I do

PBM has ever tried one of the off beat fringe religions?
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No, can't say I ever have.

PBM ever been to a psychic?
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No cause if they really were why aren't the rich from betting the horses or football or the stock market???

PBM more into Astrology or Astronomy?
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Definetely Astronomy!

The person belows like the Formula 1 RACES?
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Sorry, no

Person below me likes Baseball?
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Yup! my favourite Local Team is the Lions and my favourite Team of MLB..is Cleveland Indians!

does the person belows me like the ice cream speciallity, "Banana Split"????..
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I don't like bananas with my ice cream.

Does the person below me like peanut butter?
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.....a bit!.. I´ll prefer marmelade..

does the person belows me like to drink Rompope...?????
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I have no idea what that is?

Does the person below me smoke?
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Rompope is a kind of beverage alcoholic, of course but is made it basic of egg...
NOT I don´t Smoke! ...just only sports! ...

does the person belows me like to travel by Train?
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I have never travelled by train. I prefer car.

PBM have any tattoos?
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Good question!
PBM have any tattoos???????
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No, not a single one!

PBM like Duran Duran?
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Yes!!! I have the hits and the wedding album!

PBM....like the music of George Michael????
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Sure do! I liked Wham! too!

V Do you subscribe to any magazines?
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Nope.... but I collect all kind of magazines about to Cats here in mexico and sometimes the stores sell Cat Fancy or some else like this one and I tryed to buyed..

PBM are listening the Hits of Duran Duran???? Admit it!!! you has simphaty for Simon Le bon.......
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Yes, I am, Actually when I was in High School I liked Roger Taylor from the band

Did the person below me have any crushes on a singer when they were younger?
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oh my.........why you ask this .......the girls of a gruop called exposed...

PBM have to change the colour of their hair radically?????
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I have had a few "mistakes" before and the color has changed radically. Usually the mistakes have been white or bright orange!

PBM - what are you wearing right now?
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BORING uniform bout the CO....

PBM has a complete 80´s collection of CD favourites?????
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You better believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the PBM also have a complete collection of 80's favorites?
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yeah!!!!! ask me whatever you want about the singers...I belive i know those artist!

PBM Is a monkey as well the Chinesse calendary????????....
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That's right! Born in 1968!

Does the person below me have a beard?
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I use to wear a Goatie........

PBM like to wear totally Pink?
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